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Periodicals Review — 5.06

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

About love to Mother Nature

Yesterday Konstantin Titov met the famous scientist, author and “Animal World” presenter Nikolai Drozdov. They discussed a project of Samara Zoo, the building of which must be begun in the regional centre.

Periodicals Review — 4.06

“Socialnaya gazeta”

Press holiday in “Strukovsky garden”

Last Saturday in the park there was Samara region journalists organization. They held XIV journalists festival “Pressa-2007”

Pupils in Stuttgart

Samara latest news 04.06.2007

Within the limits of partnership of Samara and Stuttgart a group of students from the “Leader” centre of extended education.

The biggest sport complex in Russia

Samara latest news 04.06.2007

A will consist of a cycle track, a race-track for both sportsmen and ordinary citizens, sector for high jump and broad jump and athletics sector. It provides for competition up to the world standards for handball, volleyball, basketball, fencing, box and wrestling. The field-house is a place for mass sport. The national team for cycling will be based in this very place.

Konstantin Titov gives a report at the All-Russia conference under D.Medvedev assistance

Samara latest news 04.06.2007

The Governor of Samara region takes part and gives a report devoted to the social-demographic problems, the realization of the prior national projects at the All-Russia conference.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 28.05-01.06.2007

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

A King arrives to Samara

Karl XVI. Gustav (Sweden) is to arrive to Samara region. The delegation will compose of the representatives of Sweden Royal Academy of engineering science. The guests are expected to take part in a number of seminars and visit industrial works.

Weekly news review — 28.05-01.06.2007

Weekly news review 03.06.2007

Casinos say “goodbye” to Samara

Samara Regional Government recommended to The Regional Duma to pass the law of banning the organization and holding games of chance in the region except Volzhsky and Krasnoyarsky districts.

Periodicals Review — 1.06.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

The First in the world

Testing of the first gas-turbine locomotive begins today in Samara. It operates on gas turbine engine NK-361 designed in Kuznetsov SNTK.

“From Slavonic cradle to Russian culture” is historical festival in Samara

Samara latest news 01.06.2007

On Saturday, June 2 there will be held the historical festival “From Slavonic cradle to Russian Culture” near Togliatti. The participants of the festival will become the historical clubs from Samara, Togliatti and Penza, etc.

Periodicals Review — 31.05.07

“Volzhskaya zarya”

Visit of the French

Samara rocket designers hosted their colleagues from France and showed them the work at launch vehicle which will start from Kuru, French Guiana.