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50 launching from Kuru with the help of “Soyuz”

Samara latest news 18.05.2007

More than 50 Russian launching rockets of middle class “Soyuz-ST” will be used for launching the space apparatus form French Guiana. In Guiana space centre are being built the starting complex for a launching vehicle “Souyz-ST”.

Keep out from Samara, oppositionists!

Samara latest news 18.05.2007

At Moscow airport the leaders of “The other Russia” Harry Kasparov, Eduard Limonov and the lawyer Leo Ponomaryov were detained being about going to Samara. About 20 people as well as journalists from American Wall Street Journal and British The Daily Telegraph stayed in Sheremetyevo airport. The only who can leave for Samara were the German.

The Governor of Samara region meets VIP guests

Samara latest news 17.05.2007

President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, Commission President Josй Manuel Barroso and other officials arrive to Samara region today. On May, 18 they are going to give a press-conference.

On a visit to Samara

Samara latest news 17.05.2007

At last they’ve come. Samara became the European politics centre for some days. The heads of EU, the countries-members of EU, the President of Russian Federation are in a hurry to “Volzhsky Utyos”. We hope that summit will warm the international relations.

Periodicals Review — 16.05.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Sealed with landscaping

The representatives of youth delegations from Stuttgart (Germany) and Stara Zagora (Bulgaria) participate in landscaping of Samara urban clinical children»s hospital №1. The action will be held within the limits of Russia-German-Bulgaria “Together to Future” meeting, confined to the 15th anniversary of Samara – sister cities partnership.

27 pupils received their degrees in German language

Samara latest news 16.05.2007

Yesterday the graduation ceremony at school № 44 took place. The owner of such a degree has got a right to enter German universities without passing the exams in German.

CSKB “Progress” delivers the rockets to Le Bourget

Samara latest news 16.05.2007

The contract with European space agency on delivering 4 launching vehicle of middle class “Soyuz” for starting from Kuru cosmodrome in French Guiana is planned to sign in an air show in Le Bourget in June. Besides, CSKB “Progress” will supply the ESA with a launch vehicle “Soyuz” for weather satellite “Metop-B”.

Samara Periodicals Review — 15.05.07

“Samarskaya gazeta”

The film festival “Cinema without boundary” will open in “Sovremennic”.

The first deputy of the Samara head is going to take part in the grand opening of the festival.

Space truck “Progress M-60” docked to ISS

Samara latest news 15.05.2007

The space truck “Progress M-60”, launched on May, 12 from Baikonur on launch vehicle “Soyuz” docked to ISS automatically.

Periodicals Review 12-14.05.07

“Komsomolskaya Pravda”

The British journalists were kept out from Konstantin Titov.

The British company “Mentorn” by request of BBC is shooting the film about Russia. One of the six series of the film will be about Samara. One of the respected and serious journalists of the British broadcasting company Jonathan Dimbleby works at the film-making.