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Periodicals Review 24.04.07

“Kommersant” (regional edition)

AutoVAZ and Magna is going to make a contract

Yesterday Sergey Chemezov informed that “AutoVAZ” and Canadian company “Magna” will make a contract for designing a new car. The new contract is evaluated in about $700-800 mln.

“Volzhskie Theatrical Seasons” – I All-Russia Festival

Samara latest news 24.04.2007

The I All-Russia festival “Volzhskie Theatrical Seasons” opens on April, 26. It is the only All-Russia multi-genre festival, which takes place in the region. The theme of the 1st festival is “Russian classics. Traditions and experiment”. During the festival 4 stages will be working: “SamArt”, “Kamernaya Scena”, Drama Theatre and Pushkin cultural centre.

“LADA CUP” autocross in Togliatti

Samara latest news 24.04.2007

On the eve of Victory Day, on April, 6 the X traditional autocross “LADA CUP” and Russia Mini-Buggy Championship for children will take place in Togliatti. The organizers are the sport-technical club “Lada” with the assistance of “AutoVAZ” and Togliatti city administration.

Periodicals Review 21-23.04.2007

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

All genres but boring ones

Yesterday the XII International festival “Films for Children” was over. It was the holiday of fiction pictures, animation and documentaries, made by Russian and foreign cinematographers specially for children. The peculiarity of this festival was the program “Cinema and Circus’, devoted to the centenary of the Samara circus.

Alexey Nemov presents the application “Sochi-2014” in Peking

Samara latest news 23.04.2007

Togliatti freeman, Olympic Champion for artistic gymnastics, Aleksey Nemov being a part of the delegation takes part in application “Sochi-2014” presentation on the global convention SportAccord in Peking.

Grushinsky scandal

Samara latest news 23.04.2007

This year there will be two festival with the one and the same name “Grushinky festival”, which will be held in two different places. This is the result of the heated debate between the Valeriy Grushin’s club and commercial firm, which won the contest of letting the land near the famous “Grushinskaya Mountain”.

Samara Sportsman won 5th place in the World Champioship

Samara latest news 23.04.2007

Pavel Sukhov was the part of the Russian team which performed on the World Championship for fencing among juniors in Turkey from April, 15 to April, 18. In individual championship Pavel Sukhov won the 5the place The Russian sportsmen won the 2nd place in team classification.

Samara weekly periodicals review 16-20.04

Tunnel in Novo-Sadovaya Str.

At the intersection of Osipenko Str. the construction of a tube tunnel between “Rossiyskaya” and “Alabinskaya” tube stations will be started. There was traffic limitation at the intersection. Alternatively it was suggested a construction plan of a by pass road near Sokolova str.

Samara weekly periodicals review 16.04-20.04

Samara region is preparing for “Russia – EU” summit

The meeting of Russia and EU is held in the most beautiful places of this region, in “Volzhsky Utyos” health centre on May, 17-18. The preparation to this international event is being in the full swing. Not only Russian and international politicians, but also a number of services and organizations are getting ready to the summit.

Periodicals review 20.04.2007

“Samarskaya nedelya”

“Tretyakovka” in Samara

The presentation of the exhibition “Tretyakovskaya gallery opens its funds” was held in Samara Art Museum. It is a present for the 110th anniversary of art collection foundation