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International airport "Kurumoch" took part in VII International innovations and investments showroom in Moscow

Samara latest news 12.02.2007

International airport «Kurumoch» took part in VII International innovations and investments showroom in Moscow in the Samara region delegation of. Within the limits of the Showroom the International airport » Kurumoch » presented the reconstruction and modernization project of the airport complex, and also a number of innovative projects, such as visually-laser landing system of airships “Glissada-04” and also the project of heliport establishment.

Periodicals review 9.02.07

Region Power Engineering Specialists’ Forum

In the Samara exhibition center “Expo-Volga” XIII International specialized exhibition “Power” is opened. It will promote the expansion of the regional sale markets of the power equipment and materials.

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Samara week periodicals review

Oil Distribution

“Samaranedra” plans to sell seven oil patches in Samara region this year. Total mineable petroleum reserves make 1,14 million tons and in prospect can grow up to 4-5 million.

“Samarskoe obozrenie”

Samara weekly news review

Weekly news review 11.02.2007

Track-and-field Tournament XIII “Governor Cup -2007”

On Saturday in the Palace of athletics track-and-field tournament XIII “Governor Cup” which gathered more than hundreds of sportsmen from different countries such as Cuba, Latvia, Canada, Lithuania, Portugal, Poland, Trinidad and Tobago, Brazil, Sudan, Ukraine, Kirghizia, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan and Russia was held. The tournament prize-winning fund was 75 thousand dollars. Sportsmen competed in broad jumps, high jumps, a threefold jump and etc.

Black energy and black matter of space

Samara latest news 09.02.2007

Created by Samara scientists the satellite “Resurs-DK1” is the unique Russian satellite which carries out the scientific agenda during its flight.

Samara Figure Skaters in Championship of Russia

Samara latest news 09.02.2007

Top-rank Russian teams for synchronous figure-skating will have to compete at the Championship of Russia this weekend.

International Chinese Linguistic Centre in Samara Region

Samara latest news 09.02.2007

In Samara region Industrial business and trade association there will be held a press-conference, devoted to the opening of the first International Chinese linguistic centre of Confucius.

Samara Periodicals review 8.02.07

«Samarskoe obozrenie»

Low-rise Samara

Low-rise Region Projects, breadboard models, the cottages descriptions created by architects of Samara region were set forth for all to admire in Alabin»s museum. These are the best works that participated in «Low-rise Samara» contest. Competition was held with the assistance of the regional ministry of house-building and housing and communal services, the Architects Assembly, the Samara Builders Guild and Real estate Guild.

Science — the engine of Volga region

Samara latest news 08.02.2007

Today is Day of the Russian science. Samara science still sets the tone in rocket production, space technologies and medical researches. Interrelations between these scientific directions remained coded for a long time.

Samara Periodicals review 7.02.07

The Impossible is Possible …

The festival «Winter fairy tale – 2006 » is held by the Samara center of extracurricular education «Tvorchestvo» under aegis of the Ministry of Culture and Youth Policy of Samara region. It is a holiday of creativity of handicapped children, teenagers and youth.

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