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Periodicals review — 31.01.2008


AutoVAZ renew a model series

JSC AutoVAZ will present 3 new car models and prepare a perspective project of a “budget” car. Moreover they will develop more expensive cars.

Business on little green men. A restaurant for aliens

Samara latest news 31.01.2008

The car capital of Russia – Togliatti have a chance to become a Mecca for tourists however it will be quite specific. In the nearest future the UFO Museum will be opened in the city and at the anomalous places there will be built “tourist towns” where one could spend a night waiting for aliens.

Periodicals review — 30.01.2008

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

“Soyuz-2” added to armoury

In 2008 it is planned to launch 2 launch-vehicle “Soyuz-2” from Plisetsk. Taking into account the launchings the rocket complex might be added to armoury this year.

Periodicals review — 29.01.2008


“LADA” and its French design and engine

Patrick Pelata, managing and programming vice-president, tells about the reforms of Togliatti automobile plant.

The Public Chamber in Samara region

Samara latest news 29.01.2008

On January 29 a law of Samara region “About Public Chamber” was shoved through. The project of the law was approved by the government of Samara region and was introduced to Samara regional Duma in order to enforce the legislative initiative. One of the main aims of the Public Chamber is to form the public opinion and to bring to the state and regional authorities’ notice.

The XIV Samara region Governor’s Cup gathers 150 sportsmen from 17 countries

Samara latest news 29.01.2008

The international competitions “Governor’s Cup” will be held on February 2, 2008. Yesterday a conference dedicated to the forthcoming competitions took place. This year the USA, Kenya, Ethiopia, Cuba, Spain, the Ukraine and others will participate in field events. The first prize – Governor’s Cup — will be given to a sportsman who will show the best results.

Periodicals review — 28.01.2008


Police is on-line

Unique equipment is now used by law machinery. That is a program technical complex “Valday”. With its help it is possible to get to know all necessary information about citizens on-line.

Emergency declared

Samara latest news 28.01.2008

During last 5 days Samara region was struck by a blizzard. Monthly norm of precipitation was writ double. Declared emergency is still not countermanded in Samara and Togliatti. Economics incurs losses from snowstorms. According to the experts it counts to 3 billions roubles.

Samara weekly periodicals review 21-25.01.08

“Samarskie Izvestiya”

The stable development of the region

The ministers have given the annual return to the deputies. The representatives of Samara regional Duma in the fields of petrochemistry, environmental protection and fuel and energy industry get acquainted with the results of executive power work.

Samara weekly news review 21-25.01.08

Weekly news review 27.01.2008

Blizzard struck the Volga region

Bad weather in the Mid-Volga region was brought by a warm cyclone. The great thermal contrast caused the stirring up of the front divisions. Thus long-drawn-out blizzards struck the whole Volga region. The international airport “Kurumoch” works under the weather conditions. 12 flights have been delayed.