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Candidates to Samara region Duma will meet on televised debates

Samara latest news 27.01.2007

Chairman of the Samara regional election committee Olga Solomatina has declared the preliminary arrangement about televised debates between candidates to the Regional Duma. Televised debates are held on the Samara elections not for the first time. However, so far the political parties haven’t taken part in them as only this year deputies to the Regional Duma are elected not only according to single-seat constituency but also to party list.

Jacuzzi for the European Union. Sanatorium « Volzhsky utyos » prepares for summit Russia — EU

Samara latest news 27.01.2007

Samara region will get 3 mlrd rubles from federal budget for sanatorium « Volzhsky utyos » reparation. It was declared by governor of Samara region Konstantin Titov. The administrative centre of mid-Volga region will accept relay race from Sochi and Helsinki where similar meetings passed took place last year.

On January, 30 regional conference « Charity in Samara region» will begin in Samara

Samara latest news 27.01.2007

On January, 30 in the International institute of the market regional conference « Charity in Samara region » will begin. The conference are organized by Charitable council of the Samara region, not-state noncommercial organizations of the region.

The ridership of "Kurumoch" airport has increased for 17 % in 2006

Samara latest news 27.01.2007

International airport » Kurumoch» has had positive dynamics on all basic industrial parameters by the end of 2006. The ridership of the airport has increased for 17 % in 2006. Growth of incomes in comparison with the last year has made + 27 % in 2006.

Potential Konstantin Titov’s successor is his assistant

Samara latest news 26.01.2007

According to Ъ in the regional government , the post of the vice-governor will be taken up by mayor of Novokuybyshevsk Alexander Nefedov. Recently the official has positioned himself as a regional level politician: last summer he applied for a post of the local political council secretary of » Edinaya Rossia «, and now he supervises over a party staff in elections to Samara regional Duma.

In Samara there will be a cellular technologies center

Samara latest news 26.01.2007

Soon at the disposal of the Samara doctors there will be a unique cellular technologies center.The point is that placentary blood will be used for heavy illnesses treatment.

Samara International airport " Kurumoch " works according to the forcast actual

Samara latest news 26.01.2007

A number of flights on the Moscow direction are delayed because of bad weather conditions.

Samara International airport » Kurumoch » also works acoording to the weather forcast.

Samara periodicals review 25.01.07

« Samarskie izvestiya»

Movement harmony

In a month national championship and Samara region open championship for sport dances takes place in Samara .

It was declared at a press conference which took place yesterday by organizers of an action. They are the Union of Public Organizations, Samara region Federation of sport dances with assistance of the regional government, the Samara regional Duma, regional department of physical training and sports and Federation of sport dances of Russia.

Samara periodicals review 24.01.07

«Volzhskaya kommuna» Region News

Round table

Today the round table of the veteran organizations devoted to governor Konstantin Titov»s initiative on Soldier-liberator monument transportation from Estonia takes place in the Officers» House in Samara.

Samara celebrates the anniversary of S.P.Korolev

Samara latest news 25.01.2007

In honour of the 100th anniversary of Sergey Korolyov the grand meeting of scientific and technical council will take place in «CSKB-Progress» today. Governor of Samara region K.Titov will participate in its work.