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Periodicals review — 30.11.2007

“Samarskie Izvestiya”

100 days for the public good

Vladimir Artyakov being a governor of Samara region for 100 days only has already managed to strike ponderable financial support from the federal budget.

Economic mission of Austrian enterprises took place in Samara

Samara latest news 30.11.2007

The third visit of the representatives of the Austrian business the aim of which was to establish the perspective business contacts between Samara and Austrian enterprises took place in Samara on October 30.

Periodicals review — 29.11.2007

“Rossiiskaya gazeta” (regional edition)

Pension by seniority

Samara region takes the first place in number of retired and superannuation allowance. It is known that Samara region is “the oldest” among 15 regions of the Volga Federal okrug.

We have won!

Samara latest news 29.11.2007

The project “AntiAIDS –NarcoStop” of media group “Your Choice” has become “RUnet Awards-2007” laureate.

Periodicals review — 28.11.2007

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

It’s never too late to study

In Samara State Medical University the interregional conference “The quality of medical service – continued education” is opened today. The heads of the health ministry departments of the Volga region, general practitioners, as well as the representatives of the leading pharmaceutical companies took part in the conference.

Vladimir Artyakov: “The main task to “Krulya Sovetov” is to become a champion in Russian Football championship”

Samara latest news 28.11.2007

There was a press conference at the Samara region government building where the governor of the region, V.Artyakov commented on the reorganizations in the football club “Krylya Sovetov”. The general partner of the club is planned to be the state corporation “Rostekhnologia” which coupled with the Samara region government will supervise the work of the club.

Periodicals review — 27.11.2007

“Samarskie Izvestiya”

A month before the start

At the “Rossiskaya” metro station all the work is finished. By the new year Samara citizens will be able to use a new route of the underground.

Samara airport is the only one in Russia where a new program based on biometrical system of identification is introduced

Samara latest news 27.11.2007

The International airport “Kurumoch” took part in the biometrical conference /BIOMETRICS// //AIA// 2007 //TTS/ “Transport and passenger systems” within the limits of the international forum “Stations. Ports. Terminals 2007”.

The main Russian Father Frost visits Samara

Samara latest news 26.11.2007

The main Russian Father Frost for the first time since last winter left his residence in Veliky Ustyug and began his traditional new-year-trip over the country. The first point of the tour was Salekhard, the capital of Yamal/ Then Father Frost is going to visit Stockholm as well as Astrakhan, Samara and Kostroma.

New metro station “Rossiiskaya” is ready to open

Samara latest news 26.11.2007

On Monday the test train will go through the new ninth Samara metro station. Running tunnels of the “Rossiiskaya” station are in the middle of it but landing platforms are on each side. The entrance will face the interaction of Lenin prospect and Novo-Sadovaya Str. The station has been built for about 11 years.