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The chiefs of Roskosmos arrived to Samara

Samara latest news 16.10.2007

A.Perminov, the head of Federal space agency, together with a group of members of Roskosmos and enterprises of space industry arrived yesterday to Samara. He will work at CSKB – Progress known for participating in such programs as “Soyuz”, “Molniya”, “Resurs-F” and etc.

Periodicals review — 15.10.2007


10 years later

Viktor Zubkov, prime-minister arrives to Samara region with official visit on October 23. The high-ranking officials haven’t been to Samara more than for 10 years.

The 5th annual “New British Film” festival begins on October 23

Samara latest news 15.10.2007

James Kennedy, manager of British Council in Russia noted that this year the festival would represent various outstanding films, selected from the best samples of modern British cinematography. They call attention to different genres from comedy to psychological thriller, from documentary to drama as well as to various topics: music, social problems, family relationships and love.

Samara weekly news review — 8-12.10.2007

Weekly news review 14.10.2007

«Soyuz TMA — 11» in flight

On October 10 at 5.22 p.m.(Moscow Time) «Soyuz TMA — 11» was launched with launching vehicle «Soyuz — FG». The successful launching once again proved Samara made rockets as effective means of delivering goods and people to the space orbit

Samara weekly periodicals review — 8-12.10.2007

«Volzhskaya kommuna»

Round Table regarding coming elections

Today Regional Selective Committee is held the round table with regional departments of political parties. The aim of the meeting is the coming election campaign of State Duma deputies.

Periodicals Review — 12.10.07

«Komsmolskaya Pravda»

Will there be Putin avenue in Samara?

The citizens in Samara asked the government to laid out a park and set Putin»s bust in it.

"Aviakor — Samara aircraft works" finished the assemblage of the 2nd plane An — 140 in An — 140 — 100 modification

Samara latest news 12.10.2007

The first Russian — Ukrainian production plane An — 140 in An — 140 — 100 modification was presented in August in Samara. The regional plane An — 140 is designed for passenger and mixing all-fright service. It replaced An — 24 exploited for more than 40 years.

Elections are coming

Samara latest news 12.10.2007

On October 11 there was held the meeting of election committee of Samara region. They discussed the questions dedicated to the preparation to the elections of the deputies of the State Duma of Russian Federation.

"Samara toy" conquered the World

Samara latest news 12.10.2007

On October 12 at 2 pm there will be held the opening of the author exhibition «The Soul of Samara. Lora Gorodetskaya»s World of Clay Toy» in Alabin Museum. Lora Gorodetskaya»s works presented in private foreign collections in England, France, India, China, Bulgaria, Germany, Iran.

Periodicals Review — 11.10.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Together create a technical park

These days Togliatti is hosted the International Specialized Exhibition “Autoprom. Autocomponents – 2007”. During its work a conference “Car industry in Russia: development strategy of assembly plants, competitivity of Russian autocomponents”.