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Periodicals review — 15.08.07

“Samarskie izvestiya”

Sound of “Silver trumpets”

XI International festival “Volga Silver trumpets” is held in Syzran from August 13 to August 20. During the week the participants of the festival will play music in the open air, in parks and squares.

Debugged general plan of Samara will be published on Thursday

Samara latest news 15.08.2007

Debugged general plan of Samara with all amendments will be published on Thursday. Right after publishing there will start the second public hearings of the document.

“All colours of the Heavenly Empire” in Samara region. Samara region will host the mobile festival of Chinese culture

Samara latest news 15.08.2007

On September 16 with the assistance of the Ministry of Culture and Youth policy in Samara region the mobile festival of Chinese culture will be held in Samara State Philharmonic Society. 120 participants of the festival will arrive from China. There will be exhibition- fair of Chinese traditional handicraft, fairy-like concert “All colours of the Heavenly Empire” where one can see Lion Dance combo “Pingu”, singers of Peking Opera and many others.

The Flower festival

Samara latest news 15.08.2007

The Flower festival takes place in Strukovski park on August 16. More than 50 enterprises, firms, flower-clubs and private entrepreneurs from different part of Samara region will participate in the festival. Moreover there will be the winners rewarding of the “Samara Flowers” contest and landscape designers contest on the festival opening ceremony.

Periodicals review — 14.08.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

One from four

On the basis of Samara enterprises they found one of four Russian aircraft-engine-building holdings

As the first Vice-President of Military-industrial Committee of Russian Federation said the holding will consist of Kuznetsov SNTK, “Metallist-Samara” and “Motorstroitel”.

The International logistic conference will be devoted to the development of Samara region transport infrastructure

Samara latest news 14.08.2007

There is a press-conference of Boris Ardalin, the Minister of Transport, Communications and Traffic, devoted to the holding of the International logistic conference on August 15. The conference will take place on September 11-12.

Periodicals review — 13.08.07

“Vechernyaya Samara”

Develop business undertakings

The Mayors of the largest cities of Samara region as well as the representatives of some sectors of economy will gather together in the House of Government to discuss the problems of the effective ways of business undertakings development.

Konstantin Titov will participate in the meeting of the National Antiterrorist Committee

Samara latest news 13.08.2007

The Governor of Samara region will take part in the meeting of the National Antiterrorist Committee where he is going to report about the state and measures for perfection the interaction between territorial bodies and federal bodies of executive power, Samara region council in the sphere of terrorism counteraction.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 06-10.08.2007

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Devoted to Tsiolkovsky

Last Thursday launch vehicle “Soyuz-U” made in Samara rocket-space centre CSKB-Progress put on the orbit the space ship “Progress M-61”. The launching confirmed the launch vehicles made in Samara are the effective way of people and goods delivery to space orbit.

Samara weekly news review — 06-10.08.2007

Weekly news review 12.08.2007

The carnival in Samara

Last weekend there was the carnival in Samara, which became one of the brightest events of the summer. The Carnival column walked from Leningradskaya str. to Ladiya along Volzhsky prospect, where the spectators were suggested the festive program, the carnival costume contest, the concert and pyrotechnic show.