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Periodicals review 6.02

Unique cervical spine operations

The unique cervical spine operations are performed on the basis of neuro-surgical department of Pirogov’s clinic. This department is the only one in Russia, where physician extract cervical spine hernia and transplant a titanic alloy lumbar disk.

”Samarskaya gazeta”

Committee Chairman of the State Duma of Russian Federation VS representatives of Samara business circles

Weekly news review 08.02.2007

On February, 8th K.I.Kosachev — Committee Chairman of the State Duma of Russian Federation – will hold the meeting with representatives of Samara business circles. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the questions of foreign-economic activities regulation in the context of Russia joining to WTO.

Zurab Tsereteli in Tolyatti

Weekly news review 08.02.2007

Zurab Tsereteli arrived to Tolyatti. He will open an exhibition of his works in Art museum. The visit of the national artist of Soviet Union and Russia, the president of the Russian academy of arts takes place within the limits of celebrating of the 270th anniversary of a primogenitor of Tolyatti — Stavropol on Volga.

Space and Geographic Information Technologies Development in Samara

Weekly news review 08.02.2007

Nikolay Vsevolodovich Sveshnikov, Minister of Industry and Power of Samara region takes part in the meeting with the heads of machine-building enterprises, devoted to the development of the center of the competence and experts preparation up to the world standard in the field of space and geographic information technologies.

The French Guiana Cosmodrome Begins in Samara

Samara latest news 08.02.2007

The starting complex construction for launch vehicle type «Soyuz» continues in French Guiana. Launch vehicles are made in Samara, in the state research-and-production space-rocket center «CSKB — Progress». The Samara enterprise is the leading doer of a starting complex at the cosmodrome Kuru.

Oleg Saitov’s Press-conference

Samara latest news 06.02.2007

Tomorrow a press-conference of the head of physical training and sports department in Samara region — O.E.Saitov, devoted the organizations and holding of All-Russian tournament «Russian Ski track– 2007» and competitions for oversnow races will take place Samara at restaurant «China».

Sergey Sychev’s Press-conference

Samara latest news 06.02.2007

On February, 6th a press-conference of the main federal inspector takes place in Samara in the press centre of news agency » Interfax-Volga region «.

XIII International Specialized Exhibition "Power" in Samara

Samara latest news 06.02.2007

From February, 6 to February, 9th XIII International specialized exhibition «Power» will be held in the exhibition center «Expo-Volga». It is aimed at expansion of the regional sales markets of power equipment and materials, representation of technical know-how and interchange of experience of local and foreign manufacturers, development and support of intrasectoral cooperation, formation of technical, technological and price policy in the energy-saving sphere.

Samara periodicals review — 5.02.2007

“Sotsialnaya gazeta”

I Choose Life

In the Samara regional oncologic dispensary the conference, devoted rehabilitation was held for patients and their relatives. Public organizations representatives, who support this group of patients from Samara, Tolyatti, Tchapaevsk, Syzran, Kinel, took part in it. Not long ago there was a poster on front of oncologic dispensary, which said: “Cancer is a unique chronic ailment which can be cured ”. Then it was replaced by another one: “Don’t be afraid of those who helps you”.

Reception Reviving. Hotel Business Development

Samara latest news 05.02.2007

Regional hotel business is said to expect investment boom. Today Volga region is included into world hotel networks sphere of interests. Owners of Samara hotel « Bristol Zhigulis » finish the reconstruction of the first building. 55 hotel rooms have already been repaired and so-called « Shalyapinsky room» where the well-known bass singer stopped in Samara is almost ready. «Bristol» plans to open its own restaurant this year.