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Periodicals review — 15.01.2008

“Rossiiskaya gazeta”

The fight for the pinery

The state has taken under its shelter the unique peace of nature

The National Park “Buzuluk Pinery” has been given the status of the federal institution. Viktor Zubkov has signed the proper resolution.

Three versions of the house explosion in Novokuibyshevsk

Samara latest news 15.01.2008

The investigation has three versions of the tragedy happened in Novokuibyshevsk:

violation of the rules of repairing being made in the flat;

leaking of city gas;

casual handling of the explosives.

Periodicals review — 14.01.2008

“Samarskie Izvestiya”

Buzuluk pinery become a federal public institution

They have taken a regular decision dedicated to the national park. While the officials are founding the park, the citizens of Borski district are fighting for the respect to their opinion.

AutoVAZ will produce LADA PRIORA hatchbacks

Samara latest news 14.01.2008

The first 30 cars will be produced to assess all the characteristics of a car. They are to test the new “de luxe” kitting for LADA PRIORA.

AutoVAZ has presented LADA KALINA RALLY

Samara latest news 11.01.2008

Within the limits of XIII Christmas syncro race a new sport design LADA KALINA RALLY was presented. The car was produced on the base of LADA KALINA hatchback which falls short of the International N1 group and is meant for any rally competitions. In 2008 this car will participate in Russian Championship in Rally.

Periodicals review — 10.01.2008

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Contrary to circumstances

Six employees of SNTK of Kuznetzov who participated in designing of an air — engine NK-93, have been awarded by diplomas of the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of Russian Federation.

“Aviakor” looks closely at An-148

Samara latest news 10.01.2008

Samara plant “Aviakor” could possible take part in producing An-148. According to Igor Garivadski, president of committee of directors the production could be partly be placed in Samara.

Periodicals review — 09.01.2008

“Volzhskaya komunna”

“Nissan” in possible perspective

“Nissaan” could join the cooperation between “Renault” and “AutoVAZ”, said Patrick Blen, commercial manager of the French company.

The first launching of “Soyuz-ST” could be delayed

Samara latest news 09.01.2008

Peter B. De Selding, supposed that the first launching of “Soyuz-ST” could be delayed because of troubles with production of a carrier which is to transport the rocket vertically.

Samara region and “Seven Wonders of Russia”

Samara latest news 09.01.2008

Samara region is one of the regions which have taken part in All-Russia contest “Seven Wonders of Russia”.Samara region is presented by Zhiguli mountains, Samara Railway station, Rocket monument and Blue Lake which is a deep crater where sea plants grow. The contest takes some stages.