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Periodicals review — 09.11.2007

“Kommersant” (regional edition)

The first three

Togliatti technological park attracts attention of the foreign investors

Three large investors informed about their readiness to take part in the founding the industrial and technological park in Toglliatti.

Periodicals review — 08.11.2007

“Kommersant” (regional edition)

Pre-election tour

The leaders of the political parties are to arrive to Samara with propaganda visits. The famous politicians take active part in the election campaign.

Samara Aerospace University is enlarged

Samara latest news 08.11.2007

Following the decree of the Russian Federation Government chairman Samara State Aerospace University and Aerospace Technical School are going to be joined.

Periodicals review — 07.11.2007

“Argumenty i fakty”

French teacher of the Russian language

Sylvette Soulier, the winner of the Russian language contest from France arrived in Samara as a member of the delegation of the French National Russian language teachers’ association.

Blasting assembly exploded in Togliatti might have been made from nitre

Samara latest news 07.11.2007

The investigation of the bus bombing in Togliatti supposed that it was made from nitre. The tracks of trotyl were not found. The main suspected is the last identified man. Eugenie Vackrusev.

The space museum presentation in Samara

Samara latest news 07.11.2007

On November 7 there was held the presentation of the museum launch vehicle complex “Soyuz” at the municipal culture institute “The Space Samara Museum”.

Periodicals review — 06.11.2007


“Russian March” got stuck in Samara

The city authorities didn’t allow holding the nationalistic march planned on November 4. However the propaganda leaflets are still being spread urging to gather at the Afghan soldiers monument. According to observers in the case of the meeting it’ll hardly provoke interest of the citizens.

Samara weekly news review — 29.10-02.11.2007

Weekly news review 03.11.2007

8 people died and 56 are wounded as a result of bus bombing in Togliatti

The explosion on a bus happened at 8 a.m. in the centre of the city. There were mostly students in the bus because the bus route passes some institutes. According to the experts it was a blast bomb. Terrorist Attack is the main version of the accident.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 29.10-02.11.2007

«Trud» (regional edition)

Togliatti is in mourning for victims of bus bombing

The citizens are grieving about the victims of the bus explosion and helping the survivors in the terrorist attack. The personal identities as well as drivers» registration are held at the Road Patrol Service station at the city approach.

Samara badminton player won the World Champion

Samara latest news 02.11.2007

«FRENCH SUPER SERIES 2007», world tournament for badminton has started in Paris

Ella Karachkova, the best Russian single player, caused a sensation in Paris, having won the defending champion from China. The victory became the significant point in the career of the Russian player.