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Samara weekly periodicals review 21-25.01.08

“Samarskie Izvestiya”

The stable development of the region

The ministers have given the annual return to the deputies. The representatives of Samara regional Duma in the fields of petrochemistry, environmental protection and fuel and energy industry get acquainted with the results of executive power work.

Samara weekly periodicals review 14-18.01.08

“Samarskie Izvestiya”

Buzuluk pinery become a federal public institution

They have taken a regular decision dedicated to the national park. While the officials are founding the park, the citizens of Borski district are fighting for the respect to their opinion.

Samara Weekly Periodicals Review — 24-29.12.2007

“Samarskaya gazeta”

Farewell, British Council!

Another international organization quits working in Samara. Samara branch of British Council will stop working after 1st January.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 17-21.12.2007

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Technological park in Togliatti: to be or not to be?

The governor of Samara region, Vladimir Artyakov held a meeting dedicated to the technological park construction in Togliatti. Last Wednesday the problems devoted to its realization were discussed at the meeting in AutoVAZ.

Samara Weekly Periodicals Review 10.12-14.12

The reconstruction of the oldest synagogue in Samara

The grand opening of the Samara chorale synagogue reconstruction was held last Monday. The reconstruction work will be finished in 2 years. The synagogue is the largest one in Europe. It is expected to open the meeting-house and public centre which will unite all the Jewish organization of the region.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 26-30.11.2007

“Kommersant” (regional edition)

Space ambitions

Voronezh KBHA starts up mass production of engines for “Soyuz-2”

JSC “Designing Bureau of chemical machinery (KBHA, Voronezh) finishes the testing of a new rocket engine RD-0124 for the launching vehicle “Soyuz-2” which is made by “CSKB-Progress”.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 19-23.11.2007


Transport under control

The city administration is going to install GPS systems to all buses in Samara. Total equipping is planned to complete in two years.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 12-16.11.2007

“Kommersant” (regional edition)

Samara ex-governor got a new job

Ex-governor of Samara region, Konstantin Titov was appointed as one of the four vice-chairman of the Social Policy Committee of the Upper House of the Russian Parliament.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 05-09.2007

«Argumenty i fakty»

French teacher of the Russian language

Sylvette Soulier, the winner of the Russian language contest from France arrived in Samara as a member of the delegation of the French National Russian language teachers» association.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 29.10-02.11.2007

«Trud» (regional edition)

Togliatti is in mourning for victims of bus bombing

The citizens are grieving about the victims of the bus explosion and helping the survivors in the terrorist attack. The personal identities as well as drivers» registration are held at the Road Patrol Service station at the city approach.