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Togliatti 5-grade pupil invented the unique pipe duct for oil and gas

Samara latest news 01.10.2007

The Alievs family is uncommon. There are 2 inventors in it – the father and the son. Recently, Edik, 5-grade pupil, has made up a model of a pipe duct which can be used both in oil and gas industries at seismically dangerous places.

Samara Opera and Ballet Theatre presents the stage version of “Beatles’s” life and creative work

Samara latest news 01.10.2007

On October 1 Samara Academical Opera and Ballet Theatre will present the rock-ballet’s first night “Beatles Forever!” The performance combines different kinds of art – dance, sound and lighting effects, sounding of symphony orchestra go well together with rock group.

Samara weekly news review — 24-28.09.2007

Weekly news review 29.09.2007

A new laser surgery centre in Samara

Within the limits of the 130th anniversary celebrations of the Dorozhnaya clinical hospital of Samara station «Russian Railways» opens the unique centre of laser surgery. The laser surgery complex is equipped by native medical facilities which will be used to cure the broad-spectrum of illnesses.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 24-28.09.2007

«Volzhskaya kommuna»

Samara project is approved by the President

At the 6th International Investment Forum in Sochi Samara region presented 21 projects among them there are some house building and metropolitan area network projects as well as the project of M5 federal highway development.

Periodicals review — 28.09.2007

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Approved by French Parliament

The French Parliament supported the ratification of the launching treaty of Samara launching vehicle “Souyz” from Kourou, French Guiana between France and ESA.

The city graffiti festival in Samara opens on September 30

Samara latest news 28.09.2007

In the event both the winners of the districts’ contests and the representatives of the sport and tourist club “Velo-Samara”, sport club “Kite Park” and “Samara Rollers” as well as the creative groups of Samara will take part. It is planned to show the performance of the sport clubs’ representatives and a number of art-studios (painting, capoeira, body-art, theatre atelier, audio live art performance “Sounds of abiocoen”, baukada, bijouterie making and origami demonstration). Moreover the guests of the festival will be showed the concert program and Fire Show.

V.V.Artyakov, governor of Samara region, will take part in the first All-Russia conference “Burning problems of machine-building development in Russia”

Samara latest news 28.09.2007

On September 28 V.V.Artyakov, governor of Samara region, will take part in the first All-Russia conference “Burning problems of machine-building development in Russia” which is held by Engineering workers guild of Russia.

The book presentation “Space orbits of Samara”

Samara latest news 28.09.2007

On September 28 at 3 p.m. in the museum “Space Samara” within the limits of the festival “Space orbits of Samara” the presentation of the book “Those who Threw Open the sky” will take place. The book is about Natalia Mikhailova’s compatriots. The project is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of launching the first space satellite of the Earth. The aim of the project is to attract the youth attention to history of Samara cosmonautics.

The International tournament for free-style wrestling opens in Togliatti on September 28

Samara latest news 27.09.2007

The opening of the V International Tournament for free-style wrestling dedicated to the memory of Ivan Samylin, founder of the free-style wrestling in Samara region and the organizer of the International tournament “Zhiguli” will take place on September 28.

Periodicals review — 27.09.2007

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Hamster – astronauts returned to the Earth

Hamsters, snails, fish, cockroaches, tritons, and microbes successfully returned to the Earth from space.