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The satellite Foton-M-3 produced in Samara is going to Baikonur

Samara latest news 13.07.2007

It will be transported to the spaceport in the special containers which eliminate vibration.

July 14-15: gamers try out for World Cyber Games 2007

Samara latest news 13.07.2007

World Cyber Games is the main and unique annual cyber-contest which involves the strongest gamers all over the world.

Samara periodicals review — 12.07.07

Samarskie izvestia

Homeless will be legalized and nailed on charge

In several years we probably will not have to make a long face at the sight of submen in public places. Interior department of the Russian Federation suggested a vagrancy draft law. It might be considered by the State Duma this autumn already.

All-Russia campaign “Days of protection against environmental hazards” was finished in Samara

Samara latest news 12.07.2007

It was held from March 20 till June 5.

As part of the action environmental measures were taken focused on reduction of air and water pollution, land improvement and planting.

Samara periodicals review — 11.07.07


Love avenue

Samara government gave 250 young plants to newly married couples. The young families planted their trees in the special avenue. As the latest weekend was marked up by the record number of weddings it has been decided to open Love Avenue. Now the newly-weds will celebrate their wedding anniversaries near their family trees.

Samara library will be named after Eltsin

Samara latest news 11.07.2007

The Governor of Samara region K.Titov approved the renovation project for Samara Regional Universal Research Library. In accordance with the executive order by the Russian President Vladimir Putin it will become a branch of the President Library named after Boris Eltsin.

Samara periodicals review – 10.07.2007

“Volzhskaya zarya”

With the help of nanotechnologies

Innovative-investment Fund founded by the government of Samara region announced the results of the Contest of innovative projects by scientists of Samara. One of the winners is a project focused on development of nanotechnologies. Dentists suggested usage of such technologies in stomatology.

Shooting in the center of the city: Paintball Championship in Samara

Samara latest news 10.07.2007

Paint balls instead of bullets, the fenced battle site… Paintball Championship was held in Samara. Sportsmen from 8 regions took part in it. The youngest team was “Nine lives” from special training center “Association of adrenalin hunters”.

New stadiums sitting 30 thousand people will be built in Samara, Kazan and Rostov

Samara latest news 10.07.2007

Yesterday Football Development Program Committee considered the question of building the stadiums able to host European Championship – probably in 2016 already.

All-Russia Race of municipal vehicles MULTICAR: from Saint Petersburg to Irkutsk. Today in Samara

Samara latest news 09.07.2007

This project is undoubtedly unique. For the first time municipal vehicles column will get over 10 000 km of the Russian roads under its own power without special transportation. By this race the municipal vehicles will demonstrate their reliability and technical perfection. On July 9 in Kwibishev Square the show will take place where potentials of modern municipal vehicles will be demonstrated.