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The Flower festival in Samara

Samara latest news 01.08.2007

The opening ceremony of the Flower festival will take place on August 16, 2007 in Strukovsky garden.

A new branch of economy in Samara region

Samara latest news 31.07.2007

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Roads of Samara region presented a project of Cargo-carrying consolidating centre on HDLG and containers in Samara region. Such a branch is of avail not only to the state but also to the private practice.

Periodicals Review — 31.07.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

High time for Adult Tournament

16-year-old Anastasiya Pavlyuchenkova got a wild card to adult level of proficiency of one of the four Grand Salm tournament – US Open, which starts at the end of August.

Periodicals review — 30.07.07

“Samarskaya gazeta”

A billion for Samara

3 billions rubles will be given to Samara region for reforming housing and communal services.

Togliatti teachers will give lessons in Russian in French School

Samara latest news 30.07.2007

The teachers from Togliatti will give lessons in Russian in a French school. At one and the same time the French teachers will work in Samara. Such the agreement has been reached during the meeting of lyceum head master Auguste Renoir – teacher of Russian language.

The first circular race track at the “Kurumoch” airport

Samara latest news 30.07.2007

At the “Kuromoch” airport there was a meeting between JSC “National race range “AvtoVAZ” representatives and German engineering architecture company «Ingen aix GmbH», which was devoted to the construction of the first in Russia circular race track “Lada-Ring”.

Samara periodicals review (25,26,27 july 2007)

Will a paid beach be closed?

The fence to Volga river is declared illegal. Samara citizens haven’t had time to consider all merits and demerits of the beach as it was rumored that it was outlawed.

Samara weekly periodicals review (28.07.2007)

Megauniversity in Samara

It is planned to appropriate 30 mln rub. to work out the project “Samara national university”

“Samarskoe obozrenie”

Samara weekly news revew (28.07.2007)

Weekly news review 29.07.2007

Regular carnival in Samara

The opening of the “Germany. View from the sky”

The International rock-festival “Dvizhenie” on Grushinskaya polyana

The delegation from Berlin in Samara

Periodicals review 23.07.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

The Gods from Olympus

It could have had the 100the anniversary. But it doesn’t exist any more. Samara theatre-circus was destroyed in the middle 70s.