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S7 Airlines present another flight from Samara to Moscow

Samara latest news 09.06.2007

S7 Airlines increases the frequency of flights in Moscow – Samara – Moscow direction. The new flight will be carried out in the evening.

Periodicals review — 8.06.07

”Rossiyskaya nedelya” (regional edition)

A banner of freedom

The main symbol of friendship of Russia and Bulgaria has Samara origin. 130 years ago the Nuns of Iverski Monastery handed over the Samara embroidered banner to Bulgarian civil guardsmen who fought against Osmanli yoke.

Another 4-star hotel in Samara

Samara latest news 08.06.2007

In September-October another 4-star hotel is to be opened in Samara. It will work under Holiday Inn brand. The new hotel will rank with such a hotel as “Renaissance” which is headed by Marriot Int.

Periodicals Review — 7.06.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

“Gold” on autoforum

AutoVAZ got the gold medal of the VIII All-Russia autoforum. Reward was given for the best exposition and complex presentation of the perspective cars LADA. About 130 companies from Moscow, St. Petersburg, Samara, Kursk and etc.

Fine for sticking and graffitti

Samara latest news 07.06.2007

The Administration of Samara intends to fight against sticking and graphitti on the house fronts and walls. Viktor Tarkhov (the Mayor of Samara) suggests to find a place where one can paint without administrative responsibility. At the same time it was suggested to find a modern and practically feasible way of washing off the pictures from the walls and fronts. Finally it was offered to get back to the old system of merchandising signs to get rid of advertisements and commercials.

The delegation from Samara region takes part in the International economic forum

Samara latest news 07.06.2007

The International economic forum is to be open in St. Petersburg tomorrow. Headed by K.Titov Samara delegation is going to take part in the forum. It is planned to sign 12 investment agreements to the amount of $3.3 billion.

Periodicals review — 6.06

“Argumenty i fakty”

A refuge for mothers

A social hotel for the pregnant and for mothers with infants in arms who find themselves in a tight situation is open in Syzran. .

A Space Postman

Samara latest news 06.06.2007

Russian space apparatus made in Samara CSKB Progress, “Foton-M3” will be tested as a “postman”. The idea is in principle new way of delivering moderate-size freights.

Samara premiera – “Live Syrgery”

Samara latest news 06.06.2007

The broadcast of so called “Live Surgery” will take place at Eroshevsky hospital. The ophthalmologists will perform a number of unique operations, which will be broadcasted in the big screen in the Renaissance Hotel. They will be done by Zolotaryov strategies.

Thanks for “Kurumoch” airport

Samara latest news 06.06.2007

The Federal Custodial Service of Russian Federation tenders thanks for the international “Kurumoch” airport. It continues working design mode during the summit.