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The first flight from “Kurumoch” heliport

Samara latest news 20.04.2007

The state examination of the heliport is planned simultaneously with the first flight. The heliport will serve the delegations from EU during the summit, which will take place in “Volzhsky Utyos”. The new heliport will bw able to service 4 helicopters simultaneously.

The Monument for the first general director of AutoVAZ

Samara latest news 20.04.2007

The grand opening of the monument was held on April, 19 in Togliatti. The first general director of AutoVAZ, Viktor Polyakov, took direct participation in AutoVAZ project development. Under the direction of Polyakov the intensive work on “NIVA” design was begaun.

Chinese buses in Samara

Samara latest news 20.04.2007

Yesterday the group of companies “Rusbisnesavto” informed about the selling of the Chinese buses, HIGER in Samara. The company offers 7 models of mini, medium and large buses.

Tu-134 is forced landing in Moscow

Samara latest news 20.04.2007

Tu-134 of Samara Airlines was forced landing in Domodedovo airport in Moscow because of the engine’s defect. At 15.43 (Moscow time) by Tu-134 taking off which made a flight 322 Domodedovo – Samara, high vibration of one of the engines was noticed. Thus the jockey made a decision to stop taking off. At present the Samara Airlines is a part of AiRUnion alliance, founded in 2005.

Periodicals review 19.04.2007

«Samarskoe obozrenie»

Combination of times

On Sunday the theatrical marathon, which will last till May holidays began by the performance “The songs of the rain”.

Samara periodicals review 18.04.2007

“Kommersant” (regional edition)

AutoVAZ persuaded to stop

Seasonal demand prevents Volzhsky automobile plant from getting rid of the stock. The AutoVAZ dealers and independent experts suppose that season rate of growth doesn’t permit the realization of the 120-150 thousand cars which piled up since last autumn. The stoppage of the main line is the only way to improve the situation.

The ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Kenya in Samara

Samara latest news 19.04.2007

On April, 21 in the conference hall of the urban district Samara Administration a meeting with ambassador extraordinary and plenipotentiary of Kenya, Dr. Sospiter Magita Machage is held. The aim of the meeting is future trends in win-win relationship.

“Krylya Sovetov” is out of Cup

Samara latest news 19.04.2007

The match began with Samara players’ attacks and as usual having scored a goal, it was nullified. As a result the guests opened the score. At the end of the match “Moskva” swimmingly shot down the Lobos’s goal.

The Samara cyclists open a summer season

Samara latest news 19.04.2007

The adventure holiday-lovers club — “VeloSamara” opens a summer season. The opening day is April, 22. This day the columns of cyclists from Samara, Togliatti and other towns of the region proceed to Kurumoch, where in a pine forest there will be held the first meeting of the people, who make mountain bike a lifestyle. In addition to the public fire the organizers prepare funny competitions, which expect dexterity, quick wits and cycling competence from the participants. The opening of the season will be concluded with the traditional visit to Tsaroyv Kurgan.

Periodicals review 17.04.2007

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

A military parade

On May, 9 a military parade, devoted to 62nd anniversary of Victory over German fascist invadors is held on Kuibysheva square.