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“March of the disagreeing” could be held before the EU leaders’ eyes

Samara latest news 04.05.2007

Opposition coalition “The other Russia” applied for holding the “March of the disagreeing” in Samara on May, 18. At the same time Russia-EU summit will be held the in Samara region. They expect about 250-300 guests from all over the world, 120 of them are the leaders of the European countries and members of he government.

“Gifts of XXI century” exhibition in Samara regional museum

Samara latest news 04.05.2007

The exhibition is dated for jubilee celebrations on the occasion of the 110th anniversary of a collection and 70th anniversary of foundation of the Samara Art Museum. The aim of the exhibition is to show the spectators new items of the collection, to present new tendencies in native art as well as to demonstrate the generosity of magnates who contributed their mite into the collection of the Samara Art Museum.

Periodicals Review — 03.05.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Spaceward with hydrogen peroxide

Samara rocket-space centre “CSKB-Progress”, German company “Degussa” and Centre for Exploitation of land-based space infrastructure objects covenanted for strong hydrogen peroxide deliveryin Frankfurt. According to the agreement, “Degussa” will have delivered about 50 tons of hydrogen peroxide by 2009. It will be used for launching the launch vehicles “Soyuz” from Kuru cosmodrome in French Guiana.

The International tournament for synchronised swimming

Samara latest news 03.05.2007

“The Volga Princess” tournament for synchronised swimming is held for the 7th time in Samara. This year about 80 sportsmen from different countries are going to participate in the competition.

Holiday fireworks on Victory Day

Samara latest news 03.05.2007

A number of events are planned on Victory Day:

On May, 4 a ceremonial welcome of Soviet Union heros and war veteran activists of the city will take place in the “Palace of Veterans”;

Periodicals Review — 2.05.07

“Samarskaya gazeta”

Victory Day in Samara

On Victory Day the solemn ceremonial parade will be held on Kuibyshev square. 1700 soldiers and officers as well as military hardware will take part in it.

“AutoVAZ” can unit with “GAZ”

Samara latest news 02.05.2007

After having sold the share portion of “AutoVAZ” to the “Russkie mashiny” holding which owns “Gorkiy automobile plant”, Togliatti car plant and “GAZ” can be amalgamated. Such a decision is considered to be politically correct. The state holding is occupied with the tightening supervision over “AutoVAZ”. After it owns 75% share and one the share holding will be assigned to a strategic investor. Among the potential buyers are Renault, Porsche and Fiat.

Konstantin Titov presents “OKA” cars to war and disabled veterans

Samara latest news 02.05.2007

On May, 3 governor of Samara region Konstantin Titov traditionally presents the keys and documents for 20 “OKA” cars to war and disabled veterans.

“The best drug prevention work” contest among Mass Media has already had its winners

Samara latest news 02.05.2007

On May, 2 vice-governor of Samara region A.P.Nefyodov takes part in an awarding ceremony of the winners of the first regional contest among mass media “The best drug prevention work”.

Off-road races in Saratovskaya region

Samara latest news 30.04.2007

Tomorrow the traditional the 5th off-road races take places in Saratovskaya region in Bartolomeevka village. It is the 2nd open championship club “Region 64”. This time the sportsmen will compete in 4 classes: “Niva”, “Qaudrocycle” “Tourist” and ”Sport”.