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“Aviakor” increases output of planes

Samara latest news 18.04.2007

Samara “Aviakor — aircraft works” is intended to increase the output of planes to 10 items by 2009. At present they are expecting for negotiating a contract with three Russian airlines – “Yakutiya”, “Yamal” and “Kuban Airlines” for a 7 An-140 planes supplies. In May the works gets an order from Venezuela for 12-40 An-140 supplies.

The Press-conference of Viktor Tarkhov

Samara latest news 18.04.2007

The press-conference of the Samara urban district head, Viktor Tarkhov, is held on April, 18. The main theme of the conference is Samara realty, privity and rent relationship, connected with municipal realty and also questions, connected with OJSC “Volzhskaya nedvizhimost”

“Kurumoch” heliport

Samara latest news 18.04.2007

International “Kurumoch” airport is preparing for the state examination and putting into operation the heliport in “Volzhsky Utoys” health centre.

Zhiguloyvskaya circumnavigation starts on April, 26

Samara latest news 18.04.2007

The participants of 39 Zhiguloyvskaya circumnavigation start on journey from Kopylovo peninsula in a week. The travelers will sail about 200 km round Samarskaya Luka and will finish their journey on May, 6. This year   Zhiguloyvskaya circumnavigation will be devoted to the 270 anniversary of Stavropol-na-Volge”.

The rewarding ceremony of the regional contest “EcoLeader – 2006”

Samara latest news 18.04.2007

On April, 19 there is a rewarding ceremony of regional contest “EcoLeader” held in Novokuibyshevsk. The rewards will be given by Aleksandr Nefedof, acting governor of Samara region.

XII International Festival “Films to Children”

Samara latest news 18.04.2007

In the solemn inauguration held in “MTL-Arena” took part famous cinema and theatre actors as well as children creative collectives from Samara and Samara region. The festival is over on April, 20. This year there are some thematic programs: “Russian premieres”, “Of the glory of the Mother land”, “The way to temple of own soul” and a new section – “Cinema and circus”, devoted to the centenary of Samara circus.

Traffic limitation for the sake of Samara tube construction

Samara latest news 18.04.2007

Since April, 14 it is proposed to start intensive work of transferring the gas pipe line, storm sewers and other communications within the limits of metropolitan area construction. The digging of the tunnel has already been started and done by close technique.

Samara Periodicals review — 16.04.2007

“Volzhskaya kommuna” April, 14

Station wagon in Leipzig

Today there is the opening of a Central European motor show AMI-2207 in exhibition complex “Leipziger Messe” AutoVAZ present eight cars: all the family models of LADA 1118. In connection with the jubilee of off-road vehicle LADA 4×4 the visitors will see two modifications of the car with special design and complementary equipment.

Samara region is preparing for “Russia – EU” summit

Samara latest news 16.04.2007

The meeting of Russia and EU is held in the most beautiful places of this region, in “Volzhsky Utyos” health centre on May, 17-18. The preparation to this international event is being in the full swing. Not only Russian and international politicians, but also a number of services and organizations are getting ready to the summit.

Preparation for regular “Souyz – FG” space ship launching

Samara latest news 16.04.2007

On launching pad № 31 the crews of the federal space centre “Baikonur”, the leading enterprise and Baikonur department of Samara “CSKB – Progress” started conducting a pneumatic test of a launching vehicle “Souyz – FG”. The start of the space ship with four satellites GLOBALSTAR is planned in the second part of May.