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10 parties want to be the candidates to legislative body

Samara latest news 19.01.2007

Yesterday evening was finished the nomination for the Samara Region Duma deputies. The elections of 50 parliamentarians will take place within party tickets and single member constituencies on March, 11. 159 persons and 10 political parties informed of their intention to be a candidate for legislative body. Amongst the political parties there are such as “Patrioty Rossii”, Russian Democratic Party, “Edinaya Rossia”, LDPR, SPS, “Spravedlivaya Rossia” and Russian Sociodemocratic Party.

A sportsman from Tolyatti takes part in world championship

Samara latest news 19.01.2007

The final of personal championship for ice motor-cycle races took place in Sterlitamak. The pilot of Tolyatti “Mega-Lada” Daniil Ivanov took part in the championship and took the 8th place. So he is going to represent Russia in the world chamrionship.

The Governor leads the committee of working up and realization of complex principal “Bezymyanka development” program

Samara latest news 19.01.2007

Bezymyanka will celebrate 65th anniversary in March 2007. Bezymyanka is the proud of the city. There are plants of aerospace industry, engineering industry and metal manufacture are situated here. Konstantin Titov has already held a meeting the aim of which was to discuss the questions of modernization and development of the city road network as well as the reconstruction of Kirova Prospect and the building of the “Kirovsky” bridge. It is planned to build 6 two-leveled flyovers, tunnels and pedestrian subways. Furthermore, the construction project of the zoo between Moscow Highway and Stara Zagora Str. was discussed and approved.

City Government is getting ready to solve the stay pets problems

Samara latest news 19.01.2007

Stay pets problem has already reached its crisis point. The Mayor of the city held a meeting devoted to the problem. It was decided to provide some guidelines. Firstly, the administration enlists the services of vets who are supposed to sterilize the animals and moreover, provide the place and budget funds for building a shelter for stay pets and also a temporary alimony hotel.

International airport “Kurumoch” was given a purse of “Subagent-2006”

Samara latest news 18.01.2007

International airport “Kurumoch” was given a purse of “Subagent-2006” in the nomination “The booking of tickets in the interairlines”.

Journalists are for interethnic stability

Samara latest news 18.01.2007

The round-table discussion “The role of the mass media in preservation of the interethnic (international) stability in Samara Region” was held on January, 17. Journalists, editors of the key Samara Region sociopolitical periodicals and the representatives of the law machinery took part in the work of the round-table. The “Samara Region Mass Media Charter of professional occupation principles aimed at preservation of the interethnic stability in Samara Region” was taken according the initiative of the regional Journalist Union.

“Krylya Sovetov” played the first match

Samara latest news 18.01.2007

“Krylya Sovetov” played the first control match with its opponents from Ukraine football club “Krivbass”.

Russian rocket “Soyuz-U” launched from Baykonur to ISS

Samara latest news 18.01.2007

Russian rocket “Soyuz-U” with cargo spaceship ‘”Progress M-59” launched from Baykonur to WCS at 5.12 Moscow time. In the honor of the practical cosmonautics founder Sergey Korolyov there is his image on the spaceship fairing. “Progress M-59” will deliver to ISS consumables and goods, scientific equipment, fuel for supporting the station’s orbit, food and water for 14th crew.

Samara Periodicals Review 16.01.07

Harmless credit «Volzhskaya kommuna» Samara Region Vice-governor Sergey Sychyov made an official visit to Shentalinsky region. The aim of the visit was to find out how the budget funds are expended for the development of the agroindustrial complex. Toward this end, Michurin farming producers» co-operative og Shentalinsky region was given a credit from the region budget 18 millions in sum.

’Clear Elections’

Samara latest news 17.01.2007

In the press –conference Konstantin Titov noted that coming elections to Samara Regional Duma must be clear and delivered from everything that prevents election campaign to be efficient. At the same time the governor urge all the political parties to take part in open and unconcealed debate which could help the people to make a sound decision. Konstantin Titov who takes a lead in electoral roll of “Edinaya Rossia” expressed his readiness participate in debate as well.