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Periodicals review — 19.12.2007

“Volzhskaya zarya”

The 50th anniversary of Kurumoch airport

Today is the 50th anniversary of Kurumoch airport which is considered as one of the oldest in Russia.

Samara knife throwers have plugged the bull’s-eye

Samara latest news 19.12.2007

The Open Championship of Europe in Sport Knife Throwing and Unifight held from December 13 to December 16 in Kaliningrad became lucky for Samara sportsmen. The knife thrower, Michael Sedyshev set up 5 World Records. He also won all the first prizes at all distances as well as in the absolute championship.

Periodicals review — 18.12.2007

“Rossiiskaya gazeta”(regional edition)

Fag-ends in lube oil

Samara scientists are worried about water pollution in the region

The results of the three-month examination has showed that the small and mid-size rivers of the region suffer from anthropogenic load not less than large ones.

More than 1000 Samara young citizens took part in the best New Year tree decoration contest

Samara latest news 18.12.2007

It has already summed up. The best 200 works will be awarded. The presents and prizes will be given on December 23 on Kuibyshev Square. It should be noted that there are no losers in the contest because almost all children’s works one can see on the central New Year tree as well as on others in the city.

Periodicals review — 17.12.2007

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Technological park in Togliatti: to be or not to be?

The governor of Samara region, Vladimir Artyakov held a meeting dedicated to the technological park construction in Togliatti. Last Wednesday the problems devoted to its realization were discussed at the meeting in AutoVAZ.

FSS considers the bus bombing an accident

Samara latest news 17.12.2007

Yesterday the FSS announced that the bus explosion was an accident. Special service are sure that the explosive detonated due to its casual handling. However chemical experts don’t believe that the explosion happened by pure accident. Anyway it doesn’t matter whether it was an accident or a terrorist attack nevertheless people feel yo-yo and that is the main aim of the terrorists.

Samara Weekly Periodicals Review 10.12-14.12

The reconstruction of the oldest synagogue in Samara

The grand opening of the Samara chorale synagogue reconstruction was held last Monday. The reconstruction work will be finished in 2 years. The synagogue is the largest one in Europe. It is expected to open the meeting-house and public centre which will unite all the Jewish organization of the region.

Samara Weekly News Review 10.12-14.12

Weekly news review 15.12.2007

Renault owns golden share of AutoVAZ

“Rosoboronexport” which controls the largest Russian automobile concern – AuoVAZ, — at last has decided what company will become the strategic partner of the car factory. Last Friday it was known that French concern Renault will get 25 % shareholding. On Saturday they signed memorandum of understanding.


The satellite “Foton-M” designed in Samara “CSKB-Progress” helped the scientists answer the question if a life could appear due to meteorites. The pieces of the sediment with microbes were attached to the airframe.

Media Markt is a leader among Radio, Television, and Consumer Electronics Stores in Europe enters Samara market

Samara latest news 14.12.2007

On December 14 there is a grand opening of the first in Samara mega market of Consumer Electronics Store Media Markt. A wide range of articles is presented at the 5500 m2.