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A new laser surgery centre in Samara

Samara latest news 26.09.2007

Within the limits of the 130th anniversary celebrations of the Dorozhnaya clinical hospital of Samara station “Russian Railways” opens the unique centre of laser surgery. The laser surgery complex is equipped by native medical facilities which will be used to cure the broad-spectrum of illnesses.

Periodicals review — 26.09.2007

“Samaraskaya gazeta”

Archeological dig at Iverski convent

During the planned protective and saving works at Iverski convent more than 700 burial places of Samara nobility were found.

Periodicals review — 25.09.2007

“Volzhskaya zarya”

The perspectives of a new era

The grand opening of “Samara Assembly – 2007” will take place at Samara Philharmonic Society on September 26, the theme of which is “The youth of XXI century: the perspectives of a new era”. There the governor’s grants in the sphere of culture and art will be presented for the first half of the year 2007 and the festive concert “The youth is the energy of life” will be held.

XIII Togliatti auto show – world car map

Samara latest news 25.09.2007

From September 26 to September 31 there will be held the XII auto show in Togliatti. Taking into consideration the international character of the presented auto brands it should be said that the auto show reflects the global picture of motor-car industry, its main changes and trends.

The deputies confirmed Konstantin Titov’s, ex-governor appointment as a senator

Samara latest news 25.09.2007

The deputies of Legislative Assembly of Samara region confirmed Konstantin Titov’s, ex-governor appointment as a senator of the Federation Council at Tuesday meeting.

Cup of figure skating opens in Samara

Samara latest news 25.09.2007

Russian Cup of figure skating opens in Samara today. The best sportsmen of Russia will take part in the competition.

Periodicals review — 24.09.2007

«Volzhskaya kommuna»

Samara project is approved by the President

At the 6th International Investment Forum in Sochi Samara region presented 21 projects among them there are some house building and metropolitan area network projects as well as the project of M5 federal highway development.

“Gagarin’s start“ and “Soyuz TMA – 11” is getting ready for an expedition to ISS

Samara latest news 24.09.2007

At Baikonur they are preparing for launching “Soyuz FG” space rocket with the pilot spaceship “Soyuz TMA – 11”. They plan to launch it on October 10, 2007.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 17-21.09.2007

«Volzhskaya kommuna»

The delegation from Chine arrives tomorrow to Samara region

The delegation from Henan, China with its vice-governor Shi Jiachen arrives to Samara region on September 18. The aim of the visit is to open and hold the Days of Henan province in Samara region.

Samara weekly news review — 17-21.09.2007

Weekly news review 23.09.2007

The International ecological congress in Togliatti

On September 20-21 there is held the International ecological congress «The ecology and life safety of industrial and transport complex ELPIT-2007 in Togliatti State University, which gathered scientists from Italy, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Great Britain, Sweden, Ghana, Mozambique, Jordan, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia.