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Samara weekly news review 21-25.01.08

Weekly news review 27.01.2008

Blizzard struck the Volga region

Bad weather in the Mid-Volga region was brought by a warm cyclone. The great thermal contrast caused the stirring up of the front divisions. Thus long-drawn-out blizzards struck the whole Volga region. The international airport “Kurumoch” works under the weather conditions. 12 flights have been delayed.

Samara weekly news review 14-18.01.08

Weekly news review 20.01.2008

AutoVAZ will produce LADA PRIORA hatchbacks

The first 30 cars will be produced to assess all the characteristics of a car. They are to test the new “de luxe” kitting for LADA PRIORA.

Samara Weekly News Review — 24-29.12.2007

Weekly news review 29.12.2007

The opening of a new metro station “Rossiiskaya”

At the beginning there will be the official part where the governor of Samara region, the heads of regional government and city administration will take part. After the opening ceremony a train starts its first journey from a new station.

Samara weekly news review — 17-21.12.2007

Weekly news review 23.12.2007

Samara region: by electric train to the airport

The International “Kurumoch” airport has begun the project development to organize the high-speed railway communication between Samara centre and airport complex.

Samara Weekly News Review 10.12-14.12

Weekly news review 15.12.2007

Renault owns golden share of AutoVAZ

“Rosoboronexport” which controls the largest Russian automobile concern – AuoVAZ, — at last has decided what company will become the strategic partner of the car factory. Last Friday it was known that French concern Renault will get 25 % shareholding. On Saturday they signed memorandum of understanding.

Samara weekly news review — 26-30.11.2007

Weekly news review 02.12.2007

New metro station “Rossiiskaya” is ready to open

On Monday the test train will go through the new ninth Samara metro station. Running tunnels of the “Rossiiskaya” station are in the middle of it but landing platforms are on each side. The entrance will face the interaction of Lenin prospect and Novo-Sadovaya Str. The station has been built for about 11 years.

Samara weekly news review — 19-23.11.2007

Weekly news review 24.11.2007

The first «Soyuz» launches from Kourou in 2009

The first launch vehicle «Soyuz» will launch from Kourou cosmodrome, French Guiana in 2009. The experts from Samara science and industrial rocket and space centre «CSKB-Progress» take active part in the project. Among other prior projects there is the program «Ural» designing a launch vehicle of the future till 2020.

Samara weekly news review — 12-16.11.2007

Weekly news review 18.11.2007

Novaya gazeta” quits being published in Samara

According to the editor of the Samara regional edition of “Novaya gazeta” Sergey Kurt-Adgiev “we have been working in critical behaviour for the last two months and now we have no opportunity to publish the newspaper.” In his judgment the closing of the newspaper is bound up with coming elections.

Weekly news review — 05-09.2007

Weekly news review 10.11.2007

The space museum presentation in Samara

On November 7 there was held the presentation of the museum launch vehicle complex «Soyuz» at the municipal culture institute «The Space Samara Museum».

Samara weekly news review — 29.10-02.11.2007

Weekly news review 03.11.2007

8 people died and 56 are wounded as a result of bus bombing in Togliatti

The explosion on a bus happened at 8 a.m. in the centre of the city. There were mostly students in the bus because the bus route passes some institutes. According to the experts it was a blast bomb. Terrorist Attack is the main version of the accident.