AutoVAZ will produce LADA PRIORA hatchbacks

The first 30 cars will be produced to assess all the characteristics of a car. They are to test the new “de luxe” kitting for LADA PRIORA.

Three versions of the house explosion in Novokuibyshevsk

The investigation has three versions of the tragedy happened in Novokuibyshevsk:

— violation of the rules of repairing being made in the flat;

— leaking of city gas;

— casual handling of the explosives.

But it must not be ruled out the version of the terrorist action.

Non-capital city with the Kremlin

One of the oldest cities of Samara region was founded in 1683 on Peter I decree. At first Syzran was just a fort, but later it became the largest trade centre of Volga region. It is the only non-capital city in the region with its Kremlin. The citizens of the city know, love and remember their history as nowhere in the region.