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Samara week news review

Weekly news review 28.01.2007

AutoVAZ increases Lada 112 Coupe output

Eperimental-industrial manufacture of JSC » AutoVAZ » schedules the production of 8000 Lada 112 Coupe in 2007. Commodity output of a new shot-run model began in August, 2006. Last year the 541st car has been produced. In its base case the car is equipped with the 1.6-liter engine and the steering booster. Besides Lada 112 Coupe AutoVAZ makes plans for production of 5000 five-door-off-road cars Lada 4×4.

December Events In Review

Weekly news review 29.12.2006

On this day the Regional New Year Tree Selebration has begun. On December 28, the traditional New Year theatrical performance — the Regional New Year Tree to children, that are in unfavourable conditions of life, started. The holiday was arranged by Department of Family and Population Development of Samara region (Secretary — Elena Borisovna Shasharina).

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