AutoVAZ increases Lada 112 Coupe output

Eperimental-industrial manufacture of JSC » AutoVAZ » schedules the production of 8000 Lada 112 Coupe in 2007. Commodity output of a new shot-run model began in August, 2006. Last year the 541st car has been produced. In its base case the car is equipped with the 1.6-liter engine and the steering booster. Besides Lada 112 Coupe AutoVAZ makes plans for production of 5000 five-door-off-road cars Lada 4×4.

In Samara there will be a cellular technologies center

Soon at the disposal of the Samara doctors there will be a unique cellular technologies center.The point is that placentary blood will be used for heavy illnesses treatment.

Regional physicians have been working through the technology of withdrawal and storage of a cell for last two years. The regional budget has allocated 245 million roubles for making the cellular technologies center. Doctors consider creation of unique materialas donor base as a mainstream of their work.

Potential Konstantin Titov»s successor is his assistant

According to «Ъ» in the regional government , the post of the vice-governor will be taken up by mayor of Novokuybyshevsk Alexander Nefedov. Recently the official has positioned himself as a regional level politician: last summer he applied for a post of the local political council secretary of » Edinaya Rossia «, and now he supervises over a party staff in elections to Samara regional Duma.

The president of Samara Fund of social researches Vladimir Zvonovsky has declared, that in case of Alexander Nefedov»s coming to Samara regional Duma he could be possibly consider as a governor»s » potential successor «.