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Samara weekly news review — 22-26.10.2007

Weekly news review 27.10.2007

V.Zubkov, Chairman of the government visits Samara

Today with one-day visit V.Zubkov, Chairman of the government arrives to Samara. The agenda of his visit is still kept in secret. But he may visit the cancer detection centre which is going to be handed over from regional property to federal one.

Samara weekly news review — 15-19.10.2007

Weekly news review 21.10.2007

The 5th annual “New British Film” festival begins on October 23

James Kennedy, manager of British Council in Russia noted that this year the festival would represent various outstanding films, selected from the best samples of modern British cinematography. They call attention to different genres from comedy to psychological thriller, from documentary to drama as well as to various topics: music, social problems, family relationships and love.

Samara weekly news review — 8-12.10.2007

Weekly news review 14.10.2007

«Soyuz TMA — 11» in flight

On October 10 at 5.22 p.m.(Moscow Time) «Soyuz TMA — 11» was launched with launching vehicle «Soyuz — FG». The successful launching once again proved Samara made rockets as effective means of delivering goods and people to the space orbit

Samara Weekly News Review — 01-05.10.2007

Weekly news review 07.10.2007

October 4 is the notable day in History of Samara

That very day in 1957 the first earth satellite vehicle was put into the orbit. Then only few people knew about Kuibyshev district, Bezymyanka. Nowadays somehow or other almost all enterprises of Samara are connected with space industry.

Samara weekly news review — 24-28.09.2007

Weekly news review 29.09.2007

A new laser surgery centre in Samara

Within the limits of the 130th anniversary celebrations of the Dorozhnaya clinical hospital of Samara station «Russian Railways» opens the unique centre of laser surgery. The laser surgery complex is equipped by native medical facilities which will be used to cure the broad-spectrum of illnesses.

Samara weekly news review — 17-21.09.2007

Weekly news review 23.09.2007

The International ecological congress in Togliatti

On September 20-21 there is held the International ecological congress «The ecology and life safety of industrial and transport complex ELPIT-2007 in Togliatti State University, which gathered scientists from Italy, Latvia, Poland, Denmark, Great Britain, Sweden, Ghana, Mozambique, Jordan, Lithuania, the Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Byelorussia.

Samara weekly news review — 10-14.09.2007

Weekly news review 16.09.2007

The 80th anniversary of Zhigulyovski reserve

On upcoming jubilee Zhigulyovski reserve will be presented to a UNESCO certificate about the foundation of the first Sredne-Volzhski complex biosphere reserve in Russia, which includes two Environmental organizations: Zhigulyovski reservew and national park “Samarskaya Luka”.

Samara weekly news review — 03-07.09.2007

Weekly news review 09.09.2007

The centenary of Samara Circus

Samara Circus will celebrate the 100 anniversary from September 14 to September16. In the course of the celebrating the anniversary there will be the opening of the Samara circus museum and the presentation of the book «Samara. Circus. 100 famous seasons».

Samara weekly news review — 27-31.08.2007

Weekly news review 02.09.2007

Vladimir Artyakov is the new governor of Samara region

An intersessional meeting of Samara regional Duma was opened at 12. Comissioned governor of Samara region, Vladimir Artyakov made an oath and officially took office. He was given the Governor Sign.

Samara weekly news review — 20-24.08.2007

Weekly news review 26.08.2007

Konstantin Titov participated in VIII International aerospace show “MAKS-2007” on August 21

More than 20 Samara enterprises presented their designings in the show. Among them are JSC “Metallist-Samara”, JSC “Aviation bearings works”, JSC “Salyut”, JSC “TechOboronProm”, JSC “Plastic”, “Kurumoch” airport and etc.

Moreover, the “Flying laboratory” – IL-76 with NK-93 engine, designed by the experts of “Kuznetsov SNTK” was presented in the air show.