V.Zubkov, Chairman of the government visits Samara

Today with one-day visit V.Zubkov, Chairman of the government arrives to Samara. The agenda of his visit is still kept in secret. But he may visit the cancer detection centre which is going to be handed over from regional property to federal one.

AutoVAZ decline the credit counting on the government support

AutoVAZ defers gaining the syndicated credit at Austrian bank Reiffeisen Zentralbank Osterreich AG warrant of which was signed in May, 2007. The official reasons are kept in secret. The analysts believe that the postponement may be connected with the possible government support.

Samara region will become the first Russian region with terminal logistic centre

The project of rail transport development strategy in Russian Federation till 2030 presupposes that Samara region will be one of the first Russian regions where it will be built the terminal logistics centre. It will be a huge technological complex for processing, warehousing, customs clearance of freights and containers which will render different logistic services.

The first International forum of design and architecture «New City» is held in Togliatti on November 23-25

With the assistance of the Ministry of Economics Development and Trade there will be held the first International forum of design and architecture «New City» on November 23-25 in Togliatti.

The largest-scale enterprises will take part in the forum.