The centenary of Samara Circus

Samara Circus will celebrate the 100 anniversary from September 14 to September16. In the course of the celebrating the anniversary there will be the opening of the Samara circus museum and the presentation of the book «Samara. Circus. 100 famous seasons».

Samara region: The Russia Bicycling Championship

The Bicycling Championship on motor road among men is held from September 3 to September 8 in Samara region. As a result of it the traffic on the route will be temporarily hold up.

Volga research expedition

Volga is under scientists» control again. For the first time of late 10 years the expedition of Volga Ecology Institute put out to long-term navigation. For 24 days the research workers will be checking the water state.

They expect a lot of work. The scientists is to find out the reason of early blossom of water. Thanks to the scientists Samara citizens will know what water they are swimming in, what water they are drinking and the scientists could do something to save Volga from pollution.

E-government in Samara region

The members of the government learned about the e-government organization concept. The kernel of the document is to heighten the efficiency of the public administration system, immediacy and amenity of data and service accessing from the state authority.