October 4 is the notable day in History of Samara

That very day in 1957 the first earth satellite vehicle was put into the orbit. Then only few people knew about Kuibyshev district, Bezymyanka. Nowadays somehow or other almost all enterprises of Samara are connected with space industry.

Togliatti 5-grade pupil invented the unique pipe duct for oil and gas

The Alievs family is uncommon. There are 2 inventors in it – the father and the son. Recently, Edik, 5-grade pupil, has made up a model of a pipe duct which can be used both in oil and gas industries at seismically dangerous places.

«Reuters» photo-exhibition in Togliatti

On October 3 in Togliatti museum of regional history there will be held the opening of the photo exhibition of the news agency “Reuters», the largest international news agency which has 197 representative offices in 130 countries in the world.

Space as a business project

The market of the space launchings is under the state control but adjoining productions are partially privatized and they attract the interest of the private investors. They are ready not only for long-term investments but also ready to realize them. The core of the Volga region air space complex is considered to be CSKB “Progress”.

New Government of Samara region

V.V.Artyakov, governor of Samara region declared about the completion of the forming of the Government of Samara region.

New members of the Government are:

• Aleksey I. Bendusov – vice chairman of the Government of Samara region.

• Pavel K. Donskoi – Minister of house building and municipal housing economy of Samara region.

• Nikolai I. Maltsev – Minister of Property Relations.

• Valery N. Matveev – Ministry of Transport, traffic and roads.

• Dmitri E. Ovchinnikov – Minister of Education and Science.