Konstantin Titov participated in VIII International aerospace show “MAKS-2007” on August 21

More than 20 Samara enterprises presented their designings in the show. Among them are JSC “Metallist-Samara”, JSC “Aviation bearings works”, JSC “Salyut”, JSC “TechOboronProm”, JSC “Plastic”, “Kurumoch” airport and etc.

Moreover, the “Flying laboratory” – IL-76 with NK-93 engine, designed by the experts of “Kuznetsov SNTK” was presented in the air show.

A delegation from Samara region took part in the VIII International air space show “MAKS-2007”

A delegation from Samara region headed by Konstantin Titov participated in the air space show “MAKS-2007” in Zhukovski on August 21. Within the limits of the show they held the presentation of the task program “The general-purpose aviation development in Samara region 2001-2008”, as well as they demonstrated the fly laboratory – IL-76 with NK-93 engine, designed by “Kuznetsov SNTK”.

Samara “Soyuzy”

The great interest at “MAKS -2007” is provoked by exposition of CSKB “Progress”. The largest enterprise in the country specialized in making middle class launch vehicles presented its new designings.

Kurultai of nomadic and Turkic peoples “Yurta of Friendship” is to be held on August 25

The participants of Kurtulai will become the descendants of ancient Turki and those who is interested in ancient step and nomadic culture.

Festival agenda:

— The yurts exhibition of different Turkic peoples (Bashkir, Kazakh, Kirghiz)

— The display of household items and Turkic and nomadic art

— The tasting of nomadic cuisine

— The performance of forces