Vladimir Artyakov is the new governor of Samara region

An intersessional meeting of Samara regional Duma was opened at 12. Comissioned governor of Samara region, Vladimir Artyakov made an oath and officially took office. He was given the Governor Sign.

Titov deorbited

During the last year the 7th governor resigned from his position. Vladimir Putin accepted the resignation who filled the post for 16 years. About Titov’s resignation they began to speak in the beginning of August.

At that time returning from Moscow after a talk with the chief of Kremlin Administration Titov gathered his trusted people and announced about the resignation. In the beginning of August Titov’s companions-in-arms persuaded him not to hurry with the resignation. But in the Kremlin they had already been looking for a substitution. In the middle of August the Plenipotentiary of the President in the Volga region met with the head of AutoVAZ, Vladimir Artyakov. Then his candidature was considered in the Kremlin. As a result Vladimir Putin appointed 48-year-old Artyakov as acting governor.

The festive events dedicated to Cinema Day in Samara region

August 27 is the holiday of cinematographers.

The festival agenda:

rewarding of the Samara members news-reel studio, celebrating its 80th anniversary,

“Funny cinemawalking” – music from films, contests, jokes, prizes in Leningradskaya str.

“Cinema goers meeting” at “Khudozhestvennyi” cinema where a amazing film “The Great and Unique” about the best domestic films of last years,

Traditional action “Soviet films at Soviet prices”

“Kurumoch” airport surprised the Americans

At the International conference and exhibition “Airport safity technologies” the American experts appreciated in value the system of biometric control used in the International airport “Kurumoch”. The exxhibition was held in St. Petersburg from August 26 to 28. The government representatives of Russia and the USA, EU and other countries took part in the conference.

Delegation from sister-city Stuttgart in Samara

From August 26 to September 5 the delegation from Stuttgart visit Samara. Besides an intersting entertaining program the delegation has, the members of the delegation will answer the questions of the Samara mass media.