Samara region: by electric train to the airport

The International “Kurumoch” airport has begun the project development to organize the high-speed railway communication between Samara centre and airport complex.

The realization of the project will allow the passengers who arrive in Samara by train and plan to continue the journey by plane to register aeroplane tickets and luggage at the Railway station and take a high-speed electric train to the airport. It will take about an hour to reach the destination. Those who arrive to Samara by plane also will be able to get to Samara centre right from the airport building.

Samara “Ramstore” will turn into “Auchan”

French company “Auchan” will control 14 “Ramstore” hypermarkets including 2 Samara shops. All “Ramstore shops will be rebrand into Auchan in the first quarter of 2008. It will allow Auchan to become the first in the quantity of shops in Moscow region and the second after Metro in Russia.

FSS considers the bus bombing an accident

Yesterday the FSS announced that the bus explosion was an accident. Special service are sure that the explosive detonated due to its casual handling. However chemical experts don’t believe that the explosion happened by pure accident. Anyway it doesn’t matter whether it was an accident or a terrorist attack nevertheless people feel yo-yo and that is the main aim of the terrorists.