Novaya gazeta” quits being published in Samara

According to the editor of the Samara regional edition of “Novaya gazeta” Sergey Kurt-Adgiev “we have been working in critical behaviour for the last two months and now we have no opportunity to publish the newspaper.” In his judgment the closing of the newspaper is bound up with coming elections.

Samara touched by space

In “Space Samara” Museum there was held the presentation of the complex for tourist firms. The unique museum claims to a peculiar tourist object. Hundreds of visitors have already been certain of it.

The International Specialized Exhibition “Oil.Gas.Chemistry” in Samara

On November 14 there is the opening of the International Specialized Exhibition «Oil. Gas. Chemistry» in “ExpoVolga” exhibition Centre. It is dedicated to the problems of oil industry, oil-refining industry, chemical and gas industries. The main aim of the exhibition is to interest the leading native and foreign manufactures of the equipment and technologies in Samara region as well as to connect with new companies and know-how activity.

Samara loses its history

One of the oldest English newspapers «The Daily Telegraph» has sent its reporters to Samara recently. Carried out the task the journalists asked to show them the city particularly the house where during World War II there was the British Embassy when Kuibyshev became the second capital. Unfortunately, they were disappointed to see the burnt house which was built by famous architect Sherbachev. Now the future of the mansion is unknown.