Blizzard struck the Volga region

Bad weather in the Mid-Volga region was brought by a warm cyclone. The great thermal contrast caused the stirring up of the front divisions. Thus long-drawn-out blizzards struck the whole Volga region. The international airport “Kurumoch” works under the weather conditions. 12 flights have been delayed.

Pros and cons of changing the time in Samara region

The governor of Samara region put forward the initiative to make the region live at Moscow time. There is no rationale of this act but it is supposed that it allows regional officials to become closer to the federal centre emotionally.

Meanwhile only one region – Udmurtia remains in +1 time zone if Samara region changes its time into Moscow. Besides there will appear some border regions with 2-hour time lag.

As for the dwellers there is no agreement among them. On the one hand the citizens of the west districts are for the changing because they border with Ulyanovsk and Saratov regions which live at Mocsow time. However, the east districts citizens give the hostile reception to a new initiative as the time lag with Bashkiria and Orenburg region will be 2 hours.

So if Samara region changes the time, firstly, +1 time zone could disappear/ Moreover it will lead to greater energy demands. And at last it will cause the fall of capacity for work.

Biometrical passport drawn up since January 16

No falsification. According to experts a foreign passport of a new generation with a microchip and digital photo can’t be falsified. Now one can get such a passport in Samara. However, a passport is also needed for children of any age now.

A week of French Film

The most popular French films of the recent years will be shown to the citizens of 18 regions of Russia within the limits of “A week of French Film” which opens on January 24 in Moscow and will be finished in Krasnoyarsk on July 1.

Unveiling to Vladimir Vysotsky in Samara At the 70th anniversary of Vladimir Vysotsky there was held an unveiling ceremony of a 5-metre bronze sculpture composition devoted to V. Vysotsky life and work.