The first «Soyuz» launches from Kourou in 2009

The first launch vehicle «Soyuz» will launch from Kourou cosmodrome, French Guiana in 2009. The experts from Samara science and industrial rocket and space centre «CSKB-Progress» take active part in the project. Among other prior projects there is the program «Ural» designing a launch vehicle of the future till 2020.

Sergey Ivanov will arrive to Samara

The first vice-premier, Sergey Ivanov will come to Samara region and Tarstan with two-day visit. He will head the Military and Industrial Council meeting where they will discuss the problems of founding the perspective space complexes.

The governor of Samara region, Vladimir Artyakov wants the region to live at Moscow time

Vladimir Artyakov told about the possibility of the region live at Moscow time during his visit to Togliatti. He specified that the project could come about in case the public approve it.