8 people died and 56 are wounded as a result of bus bombing in Togliatti

The explosion on a bus happened at 8 a.m. in the centre of the city. There were mostly students in the bus because the bus route passes some institutes. According to the experts it was a blast bomb. Terrorist Attack is the main version of the accident.

Regions will dispute for the Volga logistics centre project

Samara region intends competing with Tatarstan and Nizhegorodskaya region in forthcoming contest where they will choose the project of multimodal logistic centre.

Capoeiristas from Samara will take part in the International festival of capoeira «Vivid Sun of Brazil»

The 3rd International festival of capoeira «Vivid Sun of Brazil» will take place in Nizhniy Novgorod from November 2 till November 4.

Following the bus bombing a large-scale anti terroristic operation «Hurricane- 4» is held in Samara region

Following the bombing a large-scale anti-terrorist operation «Hurrican — 4» is held in Samara region. The main task is to pay great attention to heavy haulers and public conveyances.

Samara badminton player won the World Champion

«FRENCH SUPER SERIES 2007», world tournament for badminton has started in Paris

Ella Karachkova, the best Russian single player, caused a sensation in Paris, having won the defending champion from China. The victory became the significant point in the career of the Russian player.