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Samara weekly periodicals review — 12-18.02.2007

«Kommersant» (regional edition)

A new director-general of «GM-AutoVAZ»

John Henson who has been the director of development in GM N.A. In Detroit until recently will be a new director-general of “GM-AutoVAZ”.

Weekly news review — 12-18.02.2007

Weekly news review 18.02.2007

Global Climate Fluctuation

In February, the conference, devoted to the influence of global climate fluctuation on Volga basin ecosystem, will be held in Samara region.

The surgeon’s show case of hip fracture treatment in Samara

Samara latest news 17.02.2007

The surgeon’s show case of hip fracture treatment was held in Samara Dorozhnaya clinical hospital in Samara. In the operation the newest fixtors FIXION (Israel) were used for the first time.

Samara Periodicals Review — 16.02.07

“Samarskaya nedelya”

Another Memorial in Novokuybyshevsk

On February, 15th is the day of 18th anniversary of pullout the Soviet troops from Afghanistan. That very day the grand opening of the memorial to those who died in the local wars was held in Novokuybyshevsk.

Incident at the airport "Kurumoch"

Samara latest news 16.02.2007

When the plane was being working up its skin was damaged. 175 tourists who couldn’t take off to the Egyptian resort suffered most of all. Some tourists are going to bring an action against the airport.

Concert of organic music in Samara

Samara latest news 16.02.2007

On 19, 21, February at 18:30 a concert of organic music will be held in Samara Evangelistic-Lutheran church. On February, 25th the guest of Grushin’s festival Regina Lindinger from Germany will sing there as well.

Samara Periodicals Review — 15.02.07

“Samarskie izvestiya”

World Nations Festival

This year the Samara City Public organization “Rotary Club «Samara»” decided to hold festival where representatives of nations living in the territory of Samara region could prove themselves.

Working visit of the Minister of Agriculture

Samara latest news 15.02.2007

Minister of Agriculture A.V. Gordeyev is meeting with the teaching staff of Samara Agriculture Academy in Ust-Kinelsky settlement. Then he is going to visit the exhibition and to examine the prizes of All-Russia contest “The best individual farm of Russia” in Kinel-Cherkassy. And at last A.V.Gordeyev will award the winners of the contest.

The memorial to those who died doing their soldiers’ duty

Samara latest news 15.02.2007

Today in the day of the 18th anniversary from the date of pullout of Soviet troops from Afghanistan, in Novokuybyshevsk there was held the opening of the memorial to those who died doing their soldiers’ duty.

Not Enough Libraries in Samara

Samara latest news 15.02.2007

Today the question of work optimization of municipal libraries was discussed at the meeting in the City Administration.