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Sportsmen from Tolyatti in Spain

Samara latest news 23.03.2007

Today sportsmen from Tolyatti have gone to the capital of Spain. Alexander Gerunov and Stanislav Sinjavsky who are the representatives of a karate-school “Soyuz” will perform in Russia-Spain match which will take place in Madrid on March, 25th.

Trapped in Togliatti

Samara latest news 23.03.2007

Policemen from Togliatti joined their companions-in-arms form Nizhniy Novgorod. On the threshold of “March of Disagreeing” they tried not to release journalists from the town, being afraid that they could leave for an opposition protest action.

The Governor of Samara Region becomes Annual National Contest “National Property” laureate

Samara latest news 23.03.2007

The Governor of Samara Region became an Annual-National-Contest-“National-Property” laureate in the field of management. The prizes will be presented in the Saviour cathedral in Moscow.

Black-tailed Python Wanted

Samara latest news 23.03.2007

2-metre-long python disappear in Wednesday evening in Sovetskiy district in Samara. It lived in an animal case in the kitchen for three years. Its name was Lucky Fyodor.

Dr. Baaz from Stuttgart discussed problems of cancerous diseased children

Samara latest news 22.03.2007

Dr. Baaz from Stuttgart met with the representatives of Samara Administration at children clinical hospital № 1 on March, 21st.

Marijuana Mini-Plantation

Samara latest news 22.03.2007

A tiny hemp plantation is found in a wardrobe in one of Samara flats. It was for the first time when police officers faced such enterprise of a drug addict.

Samara Periodicals Review — 22.03.07

«Samarskie izvestiya»

Dangerous pastime

Detrimental to health barium was found in drawing-clours for children. Permissible concentration of it was exceeded 3 times. The product was realized by limited company «Top-kniga».

Samara periodicals review — 21.03.2007

«Volzhskaya kommuna»

Navruz has come!

The Samara Tadjiks will celebrate Navruz today.

To the history of this spring holiday and the beginning of a new year is more than three thousand years.

Summed up "First-rate guy" competition

Samara latest news 21.03.2007

It was being held a selection round of the second contest “First-rate guy” with enlisted men of the Army-2 in Samara region from March, 17 to March, 21st. Selection-rounds winners from 5 regions of the Russian Federation, from 16 bodies of troops and military units of Army-2 arrived in Samara to take part in competition. The aim of the competition is the popularization of enlistment military service and enhancing the prestige of Armed forces.

"Samara" airline has a new director-general — Sergey Mordvintsev

Samara latest news 21.03.2007

A special stockholders» meeting has appointed a new director-general — Sergey Mordvintsev, who has been acting as the director-general since December, 2006. He was the fourth acting director-general since 2005 Experts consider the airline director-general appointment will allow improving activities of “Samara”.