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Pros and cons of changing the time in Samara region

Samara latest news 21.01.2008

The governor of Samara region put forward the initiative to make the region live at Moscow time. There is no rationale of this act but it is supposed that it allows regional officials to become closer to the federal centre emotionally.

Periodicals review — 21.01.2008

“Samarskie Izvestiya”

The stable development of the region

The ministers have given the annual return to the deputies. The representatives of Samara regional Duma in the fields of petrochemistry, environmental protection and fuel and energy industry get acquainted with the results of executive power work.

Samara weekly periodicals review 14-18.01.08

“Samarskie Izvestiya”

Buzuluk pinery become a federal public institution

They have taken a regular decision dedicated to the national park. While the officials are founding the park, the citizens of Borski district are fighting for the respect to their opinion.

Samara weekly news review 14-18.01.08

Weekly news review 20.01.2008

AutoVAZ will produce LADA PRIORA hatchbacks

The first 30 cars will be produced to assess all the characteristics of a car. They are to test the new “de luxe” kitting for LADA PRIORA.

Periodicals review — 18.01.2008


Mass Media

Why does Samara need its own TV?

At the beginning of January 2008 Samara city administration project in foundation its own media holding began taking concrete shape.

AutoVAZ held an environmental activity contest

Samara latest news 18.01.2008

AutoVAZ summed up the annual environmental activity contest. During 2007 the expert commission was examining the environmental activity of the plant branches on the whole and their employees in particular. AutoVAZ specialized service of environmental protection has already been working for 20 years.

Periodicals review — 17.01.2008

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Collaboration lies ahead

Yesterday the government of Samara region and “Russian Railways” signed the agreement of cooperation and collaboration. The text of agreement was countersigned by the governor, Vladimir Artyakov and the head of Kuibyshev Railways, Anatoly Levchenko.

The official opening of “International Green Week Berlin — 2008”

Samara latest news 17.01.2008

The forthcoming “Green Week” for the 73rd time becomes the meeting place for agriculture experts, representatives of the large-scale agribusiness and politicians from all over the world. It will determine the major trends in rural sector in the international economics for this year.

Non-capital city with the Kremlin

Samara latest news 16.01.2008

One of the oldest cities of Samara region was founded in 1683 on Peter I decree. At first Syzran was just a fort, but later it became the largest trade centre of Volga region. It is the only non-capital city in the region with its Kremlin. The citizens of the city know, love and remember their history as nowhere in the region.

Mikhail Gangan remains in the Ukraine

Samara latest news 15.01.2008

One of the famous Samara “Another Russian” Mikhail Gangan has found the country of winning democracy where he tries to get the political asylum. At the end of the last year he was detained in Vinnitsa on request of the Russian authorities. Mr. Gangan is found guilty in violation of regulation in enduring conditional sentence.