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Periodicals review — 31.01.2008


AutoVAZ renew a model series

JSC AutoVAZ will present 3 new car models and prepare a perspective project of a “budget” car. Moreover they will develop more expensive cars.

Periodicals review — 30.01.2008

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

“Soyuz-2” added to armoury

In 2008 it is planned to launch 2 launch-vehicle “Soyuz-2” from Plisetsk. Taking into account the launchings the rocket complex might be added to armoury this year.

Periodicals review — 29.01.2008


“LADA” and its French design and engine

Patrick Pelata, managing and programming vice-president, tells about the reforms of Togliatti automobile plant.

Periodicals review — 28.01.2008


Police is on-line

Unique equipment is now used by law machinery. That is a program technical complex “Valday”. With its help it is possible to get to know all necessary information about citizens on-line.

Periodicals review — 25.01.2008

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

The best agro-industrial enterprises presented Samara region in Germany

The achievements of the best enterprises of the region among which is the largest in the Volga region agriholding “SV-Povolzhskoe” became an event at International Green Week Berlin.

Periodicals review — 23.01.2008

“Samarskaya gazeta”

No pasaran!

Tram workers set anti-tank hedgehogs. Tram and trolleybus depot began a fight against drivers who use tram tracks as the additional roads.

Periodicals review — 22.01.2008

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Increasing of incomes

The Samara budget implementation is done in 90%. The income increasing counted 48.4%

Periodicals review — 21.01.2008

“Samarskie Izvestiya”

The stable development of the region

The ministers have given the annual return to the deputies. The representatives of Samara regional Duma in the fields of petrochemistry, environmental protection and fuel and energy industry get acquainted with the results of executive power work.

Periodicals review — 18.01.2008


Mass Media

Why does Samara need its own TV?

At the beginning of January 2008 Samara city administration project in foundation its own media holding began taking concrete shape.

Periodicals review — 17.01.2008

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Collaboration lies ahead

Yesterday the government of Samara region and “Russian Railways” signed the agreement of cooperation and collaboration. The text of agreement was countersigned by the governor, Vladimir Artyakov and the head of Kuibyshev Railways, Anatoly Levchenko.