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Christmas Car Race took place in Samara Region

Samara latest news 09.01.2007

XII Christmas synchronous car race was held in Tolyatti suburbs. The winners of world and national championships 2006 for motor racing took part in this race. Sport-lovers enjoyed bright and enchanting sight of car laps. LADA Kalina hatchback was the main prize of the races.

Sportsmen from Tolyatti have become silver medalists in Russian National Team.

Samara latest news 09.01.2007

Samara Region

The Russian Youth Ice-Hockey National Team took part in world championship for ice-hockey which was held in Sweden. There were 2 citizens from Tolyatti (the representatives of ice-hockey team “LADA”) – Alexander Bumagin and Anton Krysanov.

Samara press review

«Volzhskaya Kommuna»

Meeting with the ambassador

On December,8 ambassador of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland Mr. Anthony Brenton visited Samara. In the course of his visit he met acting governor Sergey Sychyov. They discussed the results of long-term cooperation and future perspectives.

December Events In Review

Weekly news review 29.12.2006

On this day the Regional New Year Tree Selebration has begun. On December 28, the traditional New Year theatrical performance — the Regional New Year Tree to children, that are in unfavourable conditions of life, started. The holiday was arranged by Department of Family and Population Development of Samara region (Secretary — Elena Borisovna Shasharina).

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Titov’s Congratulations

Samara latest news 29.12.2006

Dear citizens of Samara Region! Dear fellow countrymen! Happy New Year!

   All of us pin our hopes on this holiday: hopes of happiness, having right to dream and realizing our plans by painstaking and creative work. For overwhelming majority the New Year is the time to believe in quiet, well-to-do and worthy life; it’s time to believe in better future of children, safer, more humane and psychologically comfortable environment, where different people have equal opportunities to fulfil their dreams.

Hot News

Samara latest news 29.12.2006

[29.12.2006 12:44] Made in Samara unmanned explorer Koro» is successfully working on the orbit. It was launched from space-vehicle Baykonur by the space rocket Soyuz-2-16″ on December, 27 , 2006 at 5.23 p.m. (Moscow time)

Samara region: What the passing year was like

Samara latest news 29.12.2006

The socio-economic developing of the region is estimated as quite successful in 2006 — the gross regional product in comparable prices increased for the year as a whole by 5%. Samara region industry develops at a more rapid pace than in Russia as a whole. Within January-November 2006 the index of industrial production made up 105,5%. The greatest growth of industrial production is marked in metallurgy and manufacture of rubbers and plastics articles. ( read more)