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Periodicals review — 20.11.2007

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

Vladimir Artyakov: “We should head for the youth and try all ways to support it”

November 17 is the International Students’ Day. V.Artyakov, governor of Samara region inspected the Samara State Medical University and met the representatives of Samara regional universities.

Sergey Ivanov will arrive to Samara

Samara latest news 20.11.2007

The first vice-premier, Sergey Ivanov will come to Samara region and Tarstan with two-day visit. He will head the Military and Industrial Council meeting where they will discuss the problems of founding the perspective space complexes.

Periodicals review — 19.11.2007


Transport under control

The city administration is going to install GPS systems to all buses in Samara. Total equipping is planned to complete in two years.

The first “Soyuz” launches from Kourou in 2009

Samara latest news 19.11.2007

The first launch vehicle “Soyuz” will launch from Kourou cosmodrome, French Guiana in 2009. The experts from Samara science and industrial rocket and space centre “CSKB-Progress” take active part in the project. Among other prior projects there is the program “Ural” designing a launch vehicle of the future till 2020.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 12-16.11.2007

“Kommersant” (regional edition)

Samara ex-governor got a new job

Ex-governor of Samara region, Konstantin Titov was appointed as one of the four vice-chairman of the Social Policy Committee of the Upper House of the Russian Parliament.

Samara weekly news review — 12-16.11.2007

Weekly news review 18.11.2007

Novaya gazeta” quits being published in Samara

According to the editor of the Samara regional edition of “Novaya gazeta” Sergey Kurt-Adgiev “we have been working in critical behaviour for the last two months and now we have no opportunity to publish the newspaper.” In his judgment the closing of the newspaper is bound up with coming elections.

Periodicals review — 16.11.2007

«Volzhskaya kommuna»

The Governor visited a number of industrial works

Yesterday the Governor visited some industrial corporation. The head of the region, Vladimir Artyakov made acquainted with production and social spheres of the plants such as «Volgabutmash», «Electroschit», «Zhigulyovskoe Beer»

British council in Samara holds Café Scientifique

Samara latest news 16.11.2007

The British council holds the 4th scientific cafe as a conference. The collegues from the UK, India and Russia will be discussing the rpoblems of climate changing nad risks the the society could face with.

Periodicals review — 15.11.2007


Hope for Chile, Malaysia and Iran

JSC «AutoVAZ» is long for founding the assembled production in Chile, buying change gear in Iran and for coming into line with Malaysian Corporation Proton. Furthermore, the work at «C» project will be continued together with Canadian enterprise Magna. According to experts, the Volga works is trying to make itself safe engaging foreign partners.

Samara loses its history

Samara latest news 15.11.2007

One of the oldest English newspapers «The Daily Telegraph» has sent its reporters to Samara recently. Carried out the task the journalists asked to show them the city particularly the house where during World War II there was the British Embassy when Kuibyshev became the second capital. Unfortunately, they were disappointed to see the burnt house which was built by famous architect Sherbachev. Now the future of the mansion is unknown.