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The centenary of Samara Circus

Samara latest news 05.09.2007

Samara Circus will celebrate the 100 anniversary from September 14 to September16. In the course of the celebrating the anniversary there will be the opening of the Samara circus museum and the presentation of the book “Samara. Circus. 100 famous seasons”.

Project “Establishment of the regional satellite digital broadcasting” afoot: Samara regional television

Samara latest news 05.09.2007

There is a press tour dedicated to the beginning of broadcasting of the regional television in Chelno-Vershinski, Pokhvistnevski districts within the limits of the project “Establishment of the regional satellite digital broadcasting” afoot: Samara regional television”

Periodicals review — 4.09.2007

“Samarskie Izvestia”

Samara flax works up European market

Group of companies “Alikor” renews the flax production in the region. This crop provides optimal revolution and makes the economy profitable.

Volga research expedition

Samara latest news 04.09.2007

Volga is under scientists’ control again. For the first time of late 10 years the expedition of Volga Ecology Institute put out to long-term navigation. For 24 days the research workers will be checking the water state.

Samara region: The Russia Bicycling Championship

Samara latest news 03.09.2007

The Bicycling Championship on motor road among men is held from September 3 to September 8 in Samara region. As a result of it the traffic on the route will be temporarily hold up.

Periodicals review — 3.09.2007

“Samarskie Izvestia”

Samara museums gain another life

The deputies have discusseds the perspectives of the municipal culture institution development. The next year is planned to get under the culture sign. At least the city administration promise the increasing field financing.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 27-31.08.2007

“Volzhskaya zarya”

Konstantin Titov: I’m getting out. But it is not a tragedy.

The Ex-governor of Samara region was seen off standing. Yesterday Konstantin Titov held the meeting with the regional administration and the Government of Samara region in Samara “White House”

Samara weekly news review — 27-31.08.2007

Weekly news review 02.09.2007

Vladimir Artyakov is the new governor of Samara region

An intersessional meeting of Samara regional Duma was opened at 12. Comissioned governor of Samara region, Vladimir Artyakov made an oath and officially took office. He was given the Governor Sign.

Delegation from sister-city Stuttgart in Samara

Samara latest news 31.08.2007

From August 26 to September 5 the delegation from Stuttgart visit Samara. Besides an intersting entertaining program the delegation has, the members of the delegation will answer the questions of the Samara mass media.

Media Markt on Volga

Samara latest news 31.08.2007

German appliance network find its place in Samara.

The largest appliance dealer in Europe, German Media Markt network will work in the Volga region. The company came to an agreement on renting of 7500 sq. m in the shopping mall in Promyshlennyi district of Samara with “RTM” group.