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Racing drivers from Togliatti at Intercontinental Rally Challenge

Samara latest news 18.07.2007

Rally «Rossia 2007» is the 4th leg of Intercontinental Rally Challenge (IRC). It takes place at the known rally track in Vyborg. The track consits of the most difficult 11 special shares.

Samara periodicals review — 17.07.07

«Volzhskaya zarya»

A Holiday at Leo Tolstoy estate

The traditional open air celebrations dedicated to the memory of famous Russian writer and public figure Leo Tolstoy took place at Gavrilovka settlement. The feast succeeded. The main thing is that the celebrations helped ralling the people of different nationalities and provoking interest to the works of the great Russian writer.

A car with a driver under the ground

Samara latest news 17.07.2007

A car trap: a car with a driver went underground. A pothole of considerable dimensions appeared in few seconds and only by chance it went without victims. Some people think that asphalt could subside after heavy rains.

Arming at Baikonur

Samara latest news 17.07.2007

The Federal Sapace Centre «Baikonur» and Baikonur branch of Samara «CSKB-Progress» are about arming of launch vehicle «Souyz-U», which must get «Progress» on orbit. The launching of the rocket is planned to carry out on August 2, 2007

Samara periodicals review — 16.07.07


Invite by brand

In Autumn Samara region should have its touristic brand. The Department of touristic development in Samara region announced the beginning of the contest on creating the regional «tourustic brand».

The preparation to the KA "Foton-M" launching at Baikonur

Samara latest news 16.07.2007

The next launch campaign starts at Baikonur at the middle of September, 2007. The space rocket «Souyz-U» should put in the orbit the Russian scientific spacecraft «Foton-M» #3, which is planned to be delivered to Baikonur in July, 2007.

Race on stiletto heels

Samara latest news 16.07.2007

On July 14 there was a stiletto heels race for the first time in Samara. About 70 girls took part in the competition. More than 500 spectators gathered to support their wives and girl-friends. In spite of the heat a lot of citizens preferred the glamourous competition to beaches and came to go them. For the first place won by Yekaterina Torgasheva «Park House» gave 50 000 rubles.

Samara weekly periodicals review — 09-13.07.2007

«Rossiyskaya nedelya” (regional edition)

Wind of change in our sails

The traditional regatta “Volga Cup 2007” was held in Samara.

In the end of July one will be able to see again all elite flotilla of the Volga – this time participating in the regatta named after Vladimir Vysozkiy.

Weekly news review — 09-13.07.2007

Weekly news review 15.07.2007

Samara library will be named after Eltsin

The Governor of Samara region K.Titov approved the renovation project for Samara Regional Universal Research Library. In accordance with the executive order by the Russian President Vladimir Putin it will become a branch of the President Library named after Boris Eltsin.

Samara periodicals review – 13.07.07

“Samarskaya nedelya”

We are in for Flower Festival

Samara is preparing for Flower Festival. Companies dealing with flower gardening and landscaping will participate in it.