Samara library will be named after Eltsin

The Governor of Samara region K.Titov approved the renovation project for Samara Regional Universal Research Library. In accordance with the executive order by the Russian President Vladimir Putin it will become a branch of the President Library named after Boris Eltsin.

Besides reconstruction it is planned to open a large culture center on the basis of the library, with archives, lecture- and conference-halls, parking, restaurants and a hotel. The integrate architectural complex will be complemented by the monument dedicated to the victims of terrorism (by M.Shemyakin).

Reconstruction is planned to be finished in 2 years. Preliminary cost of the project is 1,5 billion rub.

Shooting in the center of the city: Paintball Championship in Samara

Paint balls instead of bullets, the fenced battle site… Paintball Championship was held in Samara. Sportsmen from 8 regions took part in it. The youngest team was “Nine lives” from special training center “Association of adrenalin hunters”.

The age of its members varies from 10 to 13. The young sportsmen exercise in gym during winter time and go to the sports camp in summer. In this championship they have not gained the lead, but they promised to take revenge. In autumn the winners will be announced.

The satellite Foton-M-3 produced in Samara is going to Baikonur

It will be transported to the spaceport in the special containers which eliminate vibration.

More than 40 experiments will be held onboard by Russian and foreign scientists. It is essential for preparing future expeditions to the other planets of Solar System. Besides the experiments results will be useful for developing cancer remedy. “Foton” is launching in the middle of September.

Knockin» on heaven»s door

In “ZSKB-Progress” in Samara missiles “SoyuzST” are now in production for launching in French Guiana.

According to the contract between France and Russia the Russian side is responsible for adaptation of the missiles to European launch safety requirements and to the moist climate conditions of French Guiana, an the French side will provide additional equipment and reconstruction of the spaceport. The first missile “SoyuzST” shall be launched no later than March 2009. It will be sent to French Guiana in October-November 2007.

By signing this contract Russia intends to increase its influence in the world rocket-space industry.

July 14-15: gamers try out for World Cyber Games 2007

World Cyber Games is the main and unique annual cyber-contest which involves the strongest gamers all over the world.

On July 14-15 the best gamers from Povolzhye will struggle for the right to represent Samara in the national final WCG. It will take place in Moscow on August 10-12. The winners will get a chance to try a fall for the prize fund of 2.500.000 rub. The winners of the Russian contest will represent Russia in the Grand Final of World Cyber Games 2007 which will be held in Seattle (the USA) on October 3-7.