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“March of the disagreeing” comes to the police

Samara latest news 14.05.2007

In Samara the organizers of the “march of the disagreeing” were detained yesterday afternoon. The policemen took the activists of “The other Russia” – Anastasiya Kurt-Adzhieva and Yuriy Chervinchuk — to a police division, suspected them in having a hand grenade in the bag. However, they were set free without arraigning the same day.

On May, 23 Slovenia consulate will open in Samara

Samara latest news 14.05.2007

Slovenia is the only foreign state which comes with consular mission to Samara. The opening the Consulate in Samara is confined to the 15th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Russian Federation and Slovenia. Governor of Samara region Konstantin Titov will take part in the opening ceremony. By this day they expect ambassador of Slovenia in Russian Federation Mr. Andrei Benedeichich and honorary consul of Slovenia in Samara, Mr. Nikolay Ulyanov.

High-speed Zhigulyovskaya circumnavigation will get an international status

Samara latest news 14.05.2007

From June, 22 to June 23 XVI the traditional high-speed “Zhigulyovskaya circumnavigation” will be held along Samara rivers. For the first time in its history two teams from the Netherlands will take part in it.

Samara Weekly Periodicals Review 7-11.05.07

«Novaya gazeta», May, 7

«The disagreeing» will march in Samara

Nobody knows which of officials tried to detain «the disagreeing». On Thursday an initiative group of citizens applied for holding of «March of the disagreeing»

Samara Weekly News Review 7-11.05.07

Weekly news review 13.05.2007

Konstantin Titov: «Everything is almost ready for the summit»

Governor of Samara region scotch rumours that tell the region has no time to prepare for the summit EU-Russia which is set on May, 17-18. He stressed that the work is in full swing. And it is already at a crucial stage.

Periodicals review — 11.05.07


The great military parade in Samara

There was a military parade in Samara devoted to the 62nd anniversary of Victory Day. 1500 soldiers and officers took part in it. Despite the rain there were thousands of people on the square.

Germany marches in step with “the disagreeing”

Samara latest news 11.05.2007

Presided in EU Germany appealed to Russian authorities to allow the “march” on May, 18 confined to summit Russia- EU.

Administration of Samara is preparing for “March of the disagreeing”

Samara latest news 11.05.2007

The police detained and released three journalists who talked with one of the organizers of the “march”. “March” is confined to the summit EU-Russia, which is held on May, 17-18 in Samara region. The organizers intend to gather about 1000 people to the action. At the same time, on Friday the police seized computers and accounts and records in Samara department of “Novaya gazeta” editor»s office. As a result the readers will not get the regular edition of the newspaper in time.

Togliatti karateka Alexander Gerunov became a champion of Europe

Samara latest news 11.05.2007

Togliatti karateka, a representative of a school of martial arts “Soyuz”, Alexander Gerunov crested his sport career in the 42nd championship of Europe for karate.

Periodicals Review — 10.05.07

«Argumenty i fakty» (regional edition)

Samara cat walks in Russia

The monument devoted to invention of heating radiator, which is set on the wall of the Samara GRES (hydroelectric plant) became an antitype of the figurine RAO «EES of Russia» awards the winners of the «Gold Pole» contest — the best consumer of heat energy.