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Periodicals Review — 22.05.07

“Rossiyskaya gazeta”

Objective subjectivism

The “Victoriya” gallery with Alliance Française presented the international photo project “Cities and Faces” as a part of the special culture program “French Spring – 2007”.

How to preserve the power of Samara Detroit?

Samara latest news 22.05.2007

May, 23 Minister of Industry and Energy of Samara region Nikolay Sveshnikov will hold the meeting devoted to the auto components production and the development of integration ties with foreign car producers. The agenda of the meeting: exchange of views, informing of business leaders about the co-operation experience with foreign traders and about the usage of “industrial assembling” mechanism.

“Volzhskie sketches”

Samara latest news 22.05.2007

Translated into four languages the film “Volzhskie sketches” was created by request of the government of Samara region and was presented to the guests of “Russia-EU” summit. 24 min of the film tell about gorgeousness and beauty of Samara land as well as masterpieces of armless peasant Grigory Zhuravlyov and mysterious circles near Togliatti.

Samara rockets for Guiana space centre

Samara latest news 22.05.2007

Nowadays “CSKB-Progress” is producing the first two launching vehicle “Soyuz-ST” for Guiana space centre. The contract with Arianespace on launching of Russian rockets from Guiana cosmodrome is to be signed in air show in Le Bourget in June, 2007. Arianespace is an operator of the launching “Soyuz-ST” from Guiana space centre.

Periodicals Review — 21.05.07

“Samarskie izvestiya”

Samara citizens support the summit

During the summit in Samara region there was a flood of protests, mass-meetings and pickets. Those days Samara became the place for some large scale actions.

“Japanese centre” seminars in Samara

Samara latest news 21.05.2007

From May 10-25 “Japanese center” holds a workshop “Management in process of production”. Japanese experts in the field of management will share experience with their colleagues – the heads of Samara enterprises. Japanese school of management is considered as one of the respected in the world.

Konstantin Titov and Vladimir Putin meet in the state residence “Volzhsky Utyos”

Samara latest news 21.05.2007

At the very beginning of their meeting Vladimir Putin thanked Konstantin Titov for a warm reception at the summit. Then they discuss the perspectives of the region development and a number of programs which can be realized together with Federal authorities. Especially, Konstantin Titov suggested creating an interdepartmental regional center of nanoindustry. The governor noted the success in Samara industry and the production of AN-140.

Samara weekly Periodicals Review 14-18.05

“Komsomolskaya Pravda” (regional edition)

The British journalists were kept out from Konstantin Titov.

The British company “Mentorn” by request of BBC is shooting the film about Russia. One of the six series of the film will be about Samara. One of the respected and serious journalists of the British broadcasting company Jonathan Dimbleby works at the film-making.

Weekly news review — 14-18.05.2007

Weekly news review 19.05.2007

On May, 23 Slovenia consulate will open in Samara

Slovenia is the only foreign state which comes with consular mission to Samara. The opening the Consulate in Samara is confined to the 15th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Russian Federation and Slovenia. Governor of Samara region Konstantin Titov will take part in the opening ceremony. By this day they expect ambassador of Slovenia in Russian Federation Mr. Andrei Benedeichich and honorary consul of Slovenia in Samara, Mr. Nikolay Ulyanov.

Periodicals Review — 18.05.07

“Volzhskaya kommuna”

“Lacet” subdues Europe

The Burgomaster of Hannover enjoyed the fresh and unusual performance of Pokhvistnevo pop-circus studio “Lacet” which took part in a child’s work festival in Hannover.