On May, 23 Slovenia consulate will open in Samara

Slovenia is the only foreign state which comes with consular mission to Samara. The opening the Consulate in Samara is confined to the 15th anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between Russian Federation and Slovenia. Governor of Samara region Konstantin Titov will take part in the opening ceremony. By this day they expect ambassador of Slovenia in Russian Federation Mr. Andrei Benedeichich and honorary consul of Slovenia in Samara, Mr. Nikolay Ulyanov.

“March of the disagreeing” comes to the police

In Samara the organizers of the “march of the disagreeing” were detained yesterday afternoon. The policemen took the activists of “The other Russia” – Anastasiya Kurt-Adzhieva and Yuriy Chervinchuk — to a police division, suspected them in having a hand grenade in the bag. However, they were set free without arraigning the same day.

Space truck “Progress M-60” docked to ISS

The space truck “Progress M-60”, launched on May, 12 from Baikonur on launch vehicle “Soyuz” docked to ISS automatically.

27 pupils received their degrees in German language

Yesterday the graduation ceremony at school № 44 took place. The owner of such a degree has got a right to enter German universities without passing the exams in German.

The Governor of Samara region meets VIP guests

President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel, Commission President José Manuel Barroso and other officials arrive to Samara region today. On May, 18 they are going to give a press-conference.